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Ahrefs Integration

Authorizing a connection between Rank Ranger and an Ahrefs account enables backlinks data in our Backlinks Site Explorer and detailed Backlinks Analysis reports which can be shared in white label dashboards and PDF reports.

authorize connection to Ahrefs

Integrate Ahrefs Data

Authorize an Ahrefs Connection

  • Open the Account Settings > Authorized Connections screen
  • Click the Add Connection button
  • Click the Ahrefs button 

Authorize connection to Ahrefs

Log into an Ahrefs account

sign into Ahrefs

Allow Access

Click the Allow Access button 

allow Rank Ranger app access to ahrefs

Name the Connection

Enter a name for this connection that will make it easy for account users to identify. 

name the Ahrefs connection

Available Third Party Integrations

Third Party data can be used to create individual or blended metrics Insight Graphs and Single Metric Widgets and is also available in a wide variety of reports.
Authorize these Connections for comprehensive marketing reports and graphs: See a list of the available Third Party connections in the below "Related" section.

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