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Keyword Ideas Research

Rank Ranger packages include access to our Keyword Research Tool that can be used to find keyword ideas for your campaigns. 

Results include:

Keyword Research Tool

Research a Keyword

Enter Your Keyword
  • Enter the Keyword you want to research
  • Select the level of depth:
    Level 1 displays up to 1,000 results
    Level 2 checks each of the Level 1 keywords and retrieves all of their results
    Level 3 researches all of the Level 2 keywords for more ideas
  • Click the Search icon

Enter the keyword you want to research
Research Processing

If the keyword you entered has not previously been researched, you will see this request processing message and should check back based on the message instructions.

Keyword Research Processing

Keyword Ideas Research Summary
The Keyword Ideas Research summary displays:

Keyword Ideas

Scroll down the report to view Keyword Ideas for each level. Individual keyword data includes:

Level 3 Keyword Research Results

From the keywords shown in the above tables, users can click on the keywords and the system will provide research for the clicked keyword.

Report Options


Click the Sort arrows in any column to change the data sort from ascending to descending and back.
Keyword Research Tool sort

Add Keywords

Confirm in the top right section of the screen that the correct campaign is selected in the Shortcuts menu and then simply click the Add Keyword button to add the keyword to your campaign.
Add suggested keyword to SEO campaign

Change the Number of Entries Displaying

At the bottom of the results for each level, you'll find and option to change the number of entries displayed per page, simply click the menu and select the desired number.
Show more keyword research results

Increase Keyword Research Limit

Keyword Limits

Each Rank Ranger package has a keyword research result limit. Subscription Packages with:
  • less than 500 keywords return up to 1000 results
  • at least 500 keywords, but less than 1500 keywords return up to 10,000 results
  • 1500 or more keywords return up to 100,000 results
Free Trial packages are limited to 100 results

If the results for a specific keyword exceed the maximum limit for your package, you will see a message with the opportunity to increase the limit by upgrading your package.
Increase Keyword Research Limit

Click the upgrade your Package link, complete and submit the Build Your Own Scalable Package form and a representative will respond with pricing and instructions.

Add to PDF Report

Conveniently add a report or graph with its current settings to a PDF report by hovering over the gold gear icon and selecting Add to PDF Reports

add report to PDF

Select the PDF Report that you want the report or graph added to
select white label report

Drag the new report or graph into the position you want it to display in the PDF and confirm that the Date settings do not conflict with the automated scheduling settings.

Add to Marketing Dashboard

Conveniently add a report or graph with its current settings to a marketing dashboard:

1. Hover over the gold gear icon and select Add to Marketing Dashboard
2. Select the Dashboard (campaign name)
3. Select the Dashboard Page that you want the report added to

add report to PDF

4. Click the "Go to Dashboard" link to further customize the report (e.g., drag it to a specific position on the page, change date settings, etc.)

Refer to the Report Options section for details regarding the display settings, filters and sort options available for this report.

The report date (or date range) is governed by the selected Dashboard date option: Date Selection or Fixed Periods, learn more...

  • Daily reports default to the last day of the selected period
  • Weekly and monthly reports default to 1 month of data
To change the number of weeks or months displayed in a specific report, click the gear icon for any marketing dashboard report element and expand the Date option section, enter the number and click the Save Button.
marketing dashboard report date options

Add to Client Dashboard

Customize Report for Client Dashboard

Client Dashboards display our default report options for each individual report and graph until you modify them. To customize the display of the report, expand the Report Options section, change the settings and click the Apply Changes button.

Then expand Report Options again and hover over the Save icon and select Save as Default for Client Dashboard.

report options

After saving the Client Dashboard default, any changes that you make to the report options will not affect the display in the Client Dashboard unless you overwrite it by following these instructions again.

Enable the Report or Graph to display in the Client Dashboard

Open the Campaign Settings > Client Dashboard screen and check the box corresponding to the report(s) you want displayed in the dashboard, and then click the Save button. 

access permissions to client dashboard

Refer to Client Dashboard Settings documentation for additional instructions for customizing your dashboard.

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