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SEO vs Reputation Management Campaigns

Campaign General Settings Brand Impact - On or Off?

With Brand Impact turned OFF, Rank Ranger reports display in a format for marketers who need to run campaigns that track, analyze and report on a domain and a handful of competitors vying for the top search positions.

When Brand Impact is turned ON, marketers who need to track a large number of URLs to monitor brand activity can utilize color to highlight positive vs. negative impact.

SEO and Reputation Management features:

SEO Campaign vs. Reputation Management Campaign Report Format

SEO Rank Tracking

Reputation Management Tracking

SEO Dashboard

 Reputation Management Dashboard
Track domain rankings with custom parameters - users' language, location, and filters that allow you to view what a customer sees.

Track Competitors, and Track & Analyze Market Share

Customize select aspects of how Rank Ranger counts the rankings in your reports.

Learn how to Create an SEO Campaign and set report options to view results in the Rank Tracker Dashboard
Track search engine rankings of web pages that you've determined are producing positive, neutral or negative impact to a brand and its reputation.

Track multiple URLs per campaign.

Customize reports and color-highlight brand impact types for visual aid in monitoring progress.

Learn how to Create a Reputation Management Campaign and set report options to view results in the Reputation Management Dashboard

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