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Classic SEO Widgets

Use Widgets to display a summary of rank performance, traffic and demographics data in a colorful graphic bar across the top of reports or use the standalone Widgets report in the Lab to combine a variety of widgets into one colorful report. 

Widgets can be displayed at the top of the Rank Tracker Dashboard and Weekly Snapshot reports, in the White Label Portal, and can be integrated into White Label PDF Reports.

In order for widgets to display Traffic & AdWords data, the campaign must be properly connected to Google Analytics




Keyword Performance Widget

The Keyword Performance widget shows an overview of the performance including average daily, weekly, monthly and overall Keyword Change, current Keyword Positions and overall keyword position Gains & Loss. 

Keyword Performance

Analytics Overview Widget

The Analytics Overview widget presents Analytics data for the past month including domain traffic, the top channels referring traffic to the site and a breakdown of traffic by device type - Desktop, Mobile or Tablet.

Analytics Overview

Analytics Demographics Widget

The Analytics Demographics widget displays location, age and gender demographics of the visitors to the primary domain during the past month.

Analytics Demographics

In order to view age and gender data, the domain must be using Universal Analytics

Analytics Demographics Error Message

Organic Page Count Widget

The Organic Page Count widget displays the trend of organic traffic and number of unique landing pages over a 12 month period.

Organic Page Count Widget

AdWords Overview Widget

Present AdWords Transactions or Conversions in a colorful graph comparing Ad Clicks to Goal Completions for the previous 30 days, along with a summary of sessions, ad cost, clicks, number of conversions, conversion rate and goal value all compared to previous period.  The default for this widget is Transactions, but if there aren't any then the widget displays Conversions.

AdWord Overview Widget

Performance Summary Widget

The Performance Summary widget provides an overview of your site's performance showing rank distribution of keywords in the campaign, the visibility score for the primary domain and the website's traffic during the past month. 

Performance Summary

In order for the widget to display Traffic data, the campaign must be properly connected to Google Analytics

Performance Summary error message


Report Options

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  • Click the calendar icon to select the report date range.
Enter custom title

General Settings:

  • Enter a custom report title, if desired.
Widgets report options


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  • Keyword Performance Widget
  • Analytics Overview Widget
  • Analytics Demographics Widget
  • Organic Page Count Widget
  • AdWords Overview Widget
  • Performance Summary Widget
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