Rank Risk Index

Google SERP Fluctuations

Rank Risk Index measures SERP fluctuations for 10,000+ domains and keywords that we monitor daily. It is one of the tools in our Google algorithm monitoring service.

We also log SERP structure changes and track Google SERP features to determine whether ranking fluctuations are potentially being caused by changes in the type or number of vertical search engine results (e.g., Images, News, Maps, etc.) that Google included in page one results.

More information can be found in our Google Algorithm Updates History.

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Google Desktop SERP Fluctuations: Last 30 Days

Google Mobile SERP Fluctuations: Last 30 Days

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Google Desktop SERP Fluctuations: Past 90 Days

Google Mobile SERP Fluctuations: Past 90 Days

How does this Risk Index help me?

Rank Ranger's Rank Risk Index Tool investigates and graphs the ranking patterns of Google algorithm changes. Every year Google launches many updates and although you'll see lots of buzz online about the big ones like Penguin and Panda, the smaller predators (updates) can also leave your rankings in a constant state of risk.

We developed this tool to provide you with comprehensive daily monitoring of Google algorithm changes so you don't have to wait for the press to tell you that a predator is on the loose.

Reading the Graphs
The numbers displayed on the Risk Index graphs represent the change in rankings on a particular date; the higher the Risk Index, the more Google's rankings have fluctuated. The colors indicate the level of threat to search engine rankings - when you see orange, we think you should check your rankings and take precautionary measures; red means it's time to take more serious action to protect your rankings.

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Google SERP Fluctuations
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