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A favicon is an icon that can be associated with a webpage and is displayed in a browser tab (together with the page title) or in the address bar. The favicon is usually similar to the website's logo, and it allows users to visually identify the websites they have open in the various browser tabs. The icon's dimensions should be 16x16 pixels or 32x32 pixels, using either 8-bit or 24-bit colors. The image's format can be either PNG, GIF, or ICO.
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How do I create a favicon?


1. Create an Image

A favicon can be created in any graphics program, such as Photoshop or Illustrator. Since the image is small, either 16 x 16 pixels or 32 x 32 pixels in size, the design should be simple and bold. The colors should be the same as the company's brand colors. Once the image has been created it can be saved as a .jpg, .png, .bmp, .gif, or .tif.

2. Convert the File

Once the image has been saved it needs to be converted to a .ico file. The file can be converted through the use of a tool such as Faviconer.

3. Upload the File to the Website

Once the .ico file has been created, it needs to be uploaded to the root directory of the website.

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