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Completely customizable reporting options to let you communicate your marketing story the way you want to

Marketing Dashboards

Everyone wants to impress their clients with a white label reporting dashboard that makes them stand out. Rank Ranger's Marketing Dashboard is 100% white label and uniquely gives you full control of the HTML and CSS so that you can make the dashboard match the branding of any website, yours or your client's. You determine which reports, graphs and widgets to include - from rank data to the many third party integrations available in Rank Ranger. You decide how to organize the report into different pages (tabs) and creating all this is so simple.

Sample Dashboard

Automated PDF Reports

Design automated PDF reports using built-in templates or customize them to your liking. You decide when the reports will sent out. For example, set up a more detailed, daily report for yourselves and a monthly summary-level report for your clients. Bottom line - You Decide.

Sample SEO Report

Client Dashboard

Provide your clients with their own user portal to our system, under your logo. Ideal for companies that would like to give their clients the ability to be hands-on with their SEO projects. You decide which reports to show them and how to customize them.

Sample Dashboard

Special White Label Options

Having additional white label features at your fingertips can make all the difference in the way your reporting looks and feels. The following features give you that extra leg up to get the job done.

Cross Campaign Support
Your enterprise customers often have multiple websites. No worries. All our white label solutions support multiple campaign reporting.
Built-in Templates
Use built-in templates or customize them to create white label reports that are tailored to your specific reporting needs.
Custom Domain
Our dashboards use a generic, white label domain, but we also offer you the option to use your own subdomain.

Extensive Integrations

See and create custom insights by taking advantage of our extensive and constantly growing list of third party data integrations. Combine third party data with your rank, visibility, traffic, and internal data for custom insights with a broad reach.

Custom Graphs & Widgets

Take rank and all of your analytic data to a new level. Create custom graphs built on the settings and design you want. Set custom parameters to your SEO metrics like rank or visibility and weigh them according to your SEO outlook. Set data metric criteria to your liking. Combine multiple sets of data such as rank, traffic and PPC for entirely unique graphs with exclusive analysis. Import your own internal data for one-of-a-kind insights.

Single Sign-on Branded Portal for Multiple Campaigns

Our White Label SEO Portal offers a single sign-on feature that enables viewing of branded reports for multiple campaigns in one convenient client dashboard. Here your customers can interact with any reports that you've enabled for their viewing - choose from a wide variety of rank tracking reports, domain and backlink research reports, market share and traffic analysis reports, keyword research, etc. Then determine the settings that will produce SEO results exactly how you want them viewed.

White Label Custom Domain

Our White Label SEO dashboards are delivered through a generic URL that does not identify it with our service. Each campaign in your account can have a URL that includes your username as a sub-domain and your customer name as a sub-directory, for example, YourCompanyName.white-label-domain.com/customer-name.

To use your own domain for white label SEO reports, subscribe to the Custom Domain Service. In the Custom Domain, your website domain is the focus, and you choose the subdomain. So the White Label Custom Domain can become,
reports.your-domain.com/customer-name It's a great way to further integrate your Agency's marketing results with your client.