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(Not Provided)? Not a Problem. Market Reach Provides an Alternative to (Not Provided), Revealing Landing Page Keywords
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Rank Tracker
Competition can be fierce - Beat it with Outside-the-Box SEO
Track results your way. Filter by location, language, keywords, tags and choose from a variety of report options, then track SERPS, Google Maps, YouTube and more.
Our Rank Tracker feature includes:
  • Daily Rank Tracking
  • Google Maps and News Results
  • Google Mobile Search
  • Personalized Location Settings
  • Competitor Rankings
  • Global Coverage
Reports & Analysis
Solution for creating SEO reports the way you want to see them.
  • Advanced Reporting & Research Tools
  • Dynamic Layouts
  • Totally Personalized
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Google Search Console
  • Automated Email Reports
Landing Page Performance
Determine how specific landing pages are performing based on the keywords in your campaign that are ranking for that page.
The Landing Page Performance SEO report details keyword rank, monthly volume, social signals and backlink metrics.
  • Keyword rank distribution for landing pages at-a-glance
  • Stats for 8 Social Signals per landing page
  • Backlink metrics integration with Ahrefs, MajesticSEO and Moz
Market Reach
Capture the value of organic search and SEO with a rank reach metric that analyzes keyword rankings, search engine market share and reach value.

Customize SEO report results based on your business and marketing model and present data on a global level to your client, bridging the gap between Google's (Not Provided) and your SEO efforts.
  • Organic Traffic KPI
  • (Not Provided) Keywords
  • Reach Metric
Your Brand - 100% White Label
Automated PDF reports
Automated PDF reports
Brand impressive reports and graphs with integrated data and schedule to send to multiple destinations automatically.
  • Easy to build and customize reports displaying your logo
  • Automatically send weekly, monthly or quarterly to specific email addresses
  • Multiple sub-reports, custom cover page and PDF templates, linked bookmarks, and more
White Label Web Interface
White Label Web Interface
Provide your clients with their own user portal to our system, under your logo. Ideal for companies that would like to give their clients the ability to be hands-on with their SEO projects.
  • Fully customizable white label dashboard
  • Grant secure access to specific reports and options you want your clients to view
  • Custom URL option available using your domain (premium feature)
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On-Page Optimization
Create custom reports for any URL and Keyword combination you need to optimize. Get creative! Analyze pages and keywords that are not currently in your campaign like a competitor's page or a page containing your paid banner ad.
  • Resolve On-Page Problems by following best-practice recommendations for 15 factors that can improve page performance
  • Analyze On-Page Keyword Density before and after content changes
  • Check your competitor's keyword usage and density
  • Test Content Readability with a combination of 6 respected analysis tools that offer support in many languages
Link Manager
Manage Backlink Assets with Rank Ranger's Link Manager
Quickly organize, monitor, analyze and manage link building campaigns.
  • Backlink Tracking filters enable efficient monitoring of active link status for changes in validity, anchor text, no follow & more
  • Project Management features include tracking and management of link advertising expense, User and Supplier activity, and Contact records
  • Schedule Automated White Label Link Reports
  • Export and Archive
  • Quick Implementation
Team-Based Platform
Multiple User Accounts & Campaign Management
Enable team collaboration by granting user permissions for a variety of account functions.
  • Personalize Permissions
  • Measure User Performance
  • Manage Contacts
  • Add Events & Notes
  • Receive Email Notifications
  • Export Data
Rank Ranger API allows you to integrate our SEO data into your own systems.
Choose from a wide variety of methods including Rank, Average Rank, Top 100, Domains, Competitors, Keywords and more.
Rank Ranger's culture encourages feature development interaction with all customers.
Enterprise customers are welcome to participate in our WeDevelop Program, gaining the benefit of a Listen-Develop-Deploy collaboration for the creation of new custom reports and features to help manage SEO smarter and faster with the goal of achieving a stronger competitive edge. REQUEST A FEATURE
Enterprise Support
Our goal is to make it easier for you to obtain the type of results you want in a feature-rich and user-friendly platform.

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