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Return on Investment

Analyze the performance of online marketing campaigns in our Marketing KPI Dashboard to determine return on investment.

Measure marketing ROI effectively by blending custom market segments and comparing data sets.

Monitor monthly and annual Google Analytics traffic and Ads performance trends and identify data correlations. For example, if increasing Ads spending consistently coincides with an increase in website traffic and results in more conversions and transactions, then you have a correlation that can easily help you formulate your return on investment.

Market Sector Performance

Built-in and custom Analytics Segments can be utilized to analyze market sector performance such as desktop vs. mobile or direct traffic broken down by social media and email campaigns. Compare search traffic vs. direct and referral sessions, visitor behavior with returning users vs. new users or bounced sessions vs. sessions with conversions and/or transactions.

The Marketing KPI Analysis is limited only by the number of segments and combinations you need to determine the achievement of goals.

Benchmark Ads Campaigns

Identify the most successful Ads campaign by comparing with other Ads campaigns to determine best practices for future PPC campaigns and modifications to existing ones.

Share Key Performance Indicator Reports

The Marketing KPI Analysis can be presented in Client Dashboards and automatically sent in PDF report format. The data can also be shared in a personalized Insight Graph or downloaded to Excel, CSV or PDF.