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SEO & Marketing Report Templates

We've created PDF templates for marketers who want to send White Label reports and either don't have the time to start from scratch or don't know where to begin. Whether your marketing reports are for in-house use or to be sent weekly or monthly to clients ranging from small businesses to large enterprises, there's a PDF template for you. Here are a few examples:

Weekly Rank Progress Overview contains Weekly Snapshot and Landing Page Performance reports.

Monthly Rank Progress Overview includes Widgets, Monthly Rank Distribution, Overall Ranking Performance and Landing Page Performance reports.

Monthly Comprehensive Rank & Traffic provides Domain Analysis, Primary Domain Keyword Rank Performance, Primary Domain vs. Competitor Rankings, Monthly Snapshot of Average Rank Progress, Landing Page Performance, Search Traffic Overview, Traffic Sources and Audience Geo Location reports.

Monthly Traffic & Marketing KPIs includes Search Traffic Overview, Marketing KPI Ad Cost vs. Revenue, AdWords Campaigns Analysis, Traffic Sources, Marketing KPI Revenue Traffic Sources and Marketing KPI Mobile Traffic Revenue reports.

Enterprise Portfolio, Brand Visibility, Rank & Traffic is a monthly report that includes Portfolio Rank Performance Overview, Search Traffic Overview, Marketing Keyword Performance Indicators, Brand Visibility Report, Primary Domain Keyword Rank Performance, Landing Page Performance, Primary Domain vs Competitor Rankings and Top Organic Competitors report.

You'll find these and more PDF System Templates in the White Label section of Rank Ranger.

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If you've built the ultimate branded PDF report that has proven successful with your recipients, you can easily save that report layout and use it as a template for creating new reports.
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