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A powerful keyword research tool that helps you discover optimized terms and phrases so you can maximize your SEO and marketing results

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Keyword Research Tool for Professionals

Target: Target your keyword research to pinpoint the exact keywords you're looking for. Search for keywords that begin or end with a specific word or phrase. Eliminate keywords that don't conform to the exact phrase or word you're targeting using Keyword Finder's main filters and fine tune the results using the one-click quick filters.
Refine: Refine your research to include only those keywords that fit your performance criteria. Disqualify any keywords that don’t meet your desired search volume threshold. Filter away those keywords that don’t conform to your CPC ranges. Define your keyword performance parameters with the Keyword Finder.
Analyze: Analyze the big picture of the keywords you’re considering with the aggregate reports provided with every search so that you can make a truly informed decision. Aggregate data, such as traffic range and CPC range, puts the search volume and CPC cost of the individual keywords into perspective helping you to make your decision. Keyword Finder is powered by a 500 million keyword dataset, meaning that the aggregate data gives you the intel to make a meticulous and scientific decision.
Deploy: Deploy the best keywords for each specific marketing application (e.g., website, social media, PPC ads, email campaigns, etc.). Use the Keyword Finder to isolate those keywords that incorporate a word and/or character count that fits your style. Take advantage of Keyword Finder's ability to deliver both short and long-tail keywords. Choose and deploy the keywords that are in sync with your website's niche and SEO strategy.