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Robust Link Management

Keep all of your link data under one roof with our management tools.
  • Import / Export Important Link Details
  • Attach Link-Related Files
  • Analyze Expenses, User Activity & Suppliers
  • Track Backlink Status, SEO Stats & Metrics
  • Archive Backlinks

Backlinks Tracking Reports

Customize your Link Dashboard by adding your own custom report title, select the link detail and link source page social and backlink metrics columns you want displayed and choose from a variety of filters including dates, database, users, profiles, suppliers, link status, anchor text and link type.

The Link Distribution Report provides a graphic presentation of Link Status, Pagerank Distribution and Geo Location of links.

Report data is easily included in automated White Label PDF reports and can also be exported to Excel or CSV for additional use.

SEO Stats & Metrics

The most vital SEO link data gathered together in one place.
  • Social Signals
  • External Backlinks
  • Referring Domains
  • Citation & Trust Flow
  • Page Authority

Backlink Status

View in-depth details about your managed backlinks. You can analyze and sort your backlinks using different filters, such as:
  • Link status: valid, anchor text does not match, nofollow, dead link (server error), dead link (does not exist in content)
  • TLD & server country
  • IP Address
  • Class C IP host detection
  • External link count

Organize Your Projects

Link Project Management

  • Organize links into campaign profiles for efficient report filtering
  • Manage multiple users
  • Manage contacts and suppliers
  • Monitor user activities and expenses
  • Integrate your Google Drive with Link Manager and attach files to individual link records.

Link Tracker Chrome Extension

The Link Manager & Backlink Tracker Chrome extension integrates with Link Manager allowing you to track backlink tracking status via your Chrome browser.

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