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Five Things to Know in a Core Web Vitals Audit

What do you really need to be looking for in a Core Web Vitals report?

That's what we're going to be discussing today with Jan-Willem Bobbink.  

In this episode, Jan shares five key elements to improve your Core Web Vitals, including:     
  • The difference between specific segments   
  • Comparing different page templates     
  • Understanding the difference between Pagespeed Insights scoring and CWV scores   
  • Be creative   
  • Prioritizing page types by benchmarking against competitors

Three Key Elements of SEO for News Publishers With Barry Adams

What makes SEO different for news publishers? And how much organic traffic might you be able to drive as a news publisher?

In this episode, Barry shares three key episodes of SEO for news publishers, including:   
  • Top Stories Boxes on SERPs   
  • Speed matters     
  • The headline is the key to optimization

NLP SEO - What it is, and how it can boost your Site

Yes, we all know that Google is a semantic search engine. 

What this means is…

Using Natural Language Processing, Google attempts to understand the meaning of your content rather than just looking for literal keyword matches.

The reason is, that Google is attempting to improve the user experience by attempting to bring results that more accurately satisfy the searcher’s intent.

In this post, I’ll attempt to answer:
  • What is natural language processing?
  • How does natural language processing work?
  • How do you use natural language processing in SEO?

To do this, I’ll be focusing on theoretical knowledge as well as putting on my scientist hat and doing a little experimentation. (Yes, I love tinkering.)

My goal for this experiment is to have a deeper understanding of how to create on-page SEO for NLP.

5 Steps to Boost Your Video SEO With Dre De Vera

So you started publishing videos on YouTube. But are you truly optimizing your videos for organic reach as you painstakingly optimize every piece of written content that you publish for your website?

In this episode, Dre De Vera will be sharing five steps to boost your video SEO, including:     
  • Pre-publishing 
  • Establishing expertise
  • Establishing authoritativeness 
  • Establishing trust
  • Post publishing

Five ways that UX overlaps with SEO with Pedro Dias

UX is a wide umbrella that extends across the digital world. But how does it overlap with SEO?

That's what we're going to be discussing today with one of the few ex-Google Search Quality team members currently working in SEO, Pedro Dias. 

In this episode, Pedro shares five ways that UX overlaps with SEO, including:   
  • Website architecture and internal linking
  • Friendly URLs   
  • Alt text   
  • Organize internal linking and breadcrumbs 
  • PageSpeed and Core Web Vitals

Seven Things All SEOs Need to Know About E-A-T with Lily Ray

Most SEOs have heard of E-A-T but why has there been such a big emphasis on E-A-T? How does Google actually use E-A-T? And how do you optimize for E-A-T?

That's what we're going to be discussing today with a New York City based creative and passionate SEO professional Lily Ray.

In this episode, Lily shares seven things every SEO needs to know about E-A-T:                                            
  • What is E-A-T?     
  • What is YMYL?     
  • How does Google use E-A-T?     
  • Why is there such a big emphasis on E-A-T?   
  • Can you see your E-A-T score?     
  • How do you optimize your E-A-T?       
  • Can you influence E-A-T in areas other than content?

Four Warning Content Localization Flags to Be Aware with Isaline Muelhauser

Does your website offer translated localized versions of content targeting different countries around the world? If so, you need to be aware of a few warning flags that may mean that your localized content isn't performing as well.

In this episode, Isaline will share four content localization red flags, including:
  • Unusually low KPIs for a translated language
  • Receiving traffic from another country that's not in your target market
  • Translating keyword research
  • When customer support receives an unusual amount of requests in a translated language

Announcing the Rank Ranger Google Analytics 4 Integration

In March this year, Google announced that as of July 1, 2023, they will no longer be supporting Universal Analytics. This means the digital marketing community will be moving over to Google Analytics 4.

Now, it’s important to understand that GA4 is not built on the old Universal Analytics platform. This is a whole new platform with a whole new interface.

And, a new interface means a steep learning curve. That said, who can live without Google Analytics?

Realizing that you are most likely moving over to the new platform, we want to give you an opportunity to integrate your GA4 property with your Rank Ranger account.

This will give you the power to play with your data, presenting it any way you want.

5 Things You Need to Know About SEO On the Edge with Chris Green

In episode #117, Chris Green shares five SEO tasks that are better handled on the edge.

The five tasks are:
  • Split testing   
  • Redirect management   
  • Bot access logging   
  • Sitemap building/management   
  • Injecting content

People Also Ask vs. Things to Know SERP Features

Over the last few months, our SERP Team has been keeping an eye on a new SERP feature using our Mobile SERP Features Tool.

Things to Know.

This feature is designed to give the searcher well-organized Featured Snippet style information on a topic as well as click through to specific URLs to dig into those topics and read more.

Our CEO Shay Harel recently asked a question about the Things to Know feature.

Surely the new feature plays the same role as a People Also Ask box, just with fewer options?

Personally being a curious person, the question kept me up at night.

After looking at the data and doing a little SERP analysis, I found an answer. In this post, I explain what I found.

7 Tips for PPC and SEO to Work Together with Jay Ratkowski

How can you become more effective at SEO by working more closely with PPC?

In this episode, Jay will share seven tips to help SEO and PPC to work together.
The tips are:
  • Not viewing each other as competitors   
  • Common goals and taking credit for brand revenue   
  • Using SEO to reduce PPC costs   
  • Using PPC to test an SEO Strategy   
  • Landing page development 
  • Using dynamic search campaigns to find keyword ideas   
  • Keyword level SERP features from your rank tracking tool     

Digital Content Marketing Strategy - The Art of Relationship Building

Okay, you’re convinced that content marketing can improve your business.

The question is…

How exactly do you create an effective content marketing strategy?

I mean, let’s face it, just publishing blog posts or videos is not a strategy. Successful content marketing requires the right content delivered at the right time.

This will allow all your content to work harmoniously together providing a great user experience for your target audience.

So to get you on your feet, I decided to create an in-depth digital content marketing strategy step-by-step guide.

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