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5 Ways to Use Logfiles for SEO with Gerry White

How are you taking advantage of logfiles to improve your SEO?

In this episode, Gerry shares five ways to use logfiles for SEO, including:     

  • Seeing how Google looks at your site         
  • Parameters   
  • Are there subdomains consuming your crawl budget     
  • JavaScript and CSS files   
  • Response codes

Five Things SEOs Need to Know About PPC with Navah Hopkins

What are the key things that SEOs need to know about PPC?

That's what we're going to be covering today with a lady who hosts a monthly PPC advice column for Search Engine Journal. In this episode, Navah Hopkins shares five things SEOs need to know about PPC, including: 
  • How to use Quality Scores to improve your SEO   
  • Audiences versus keywords     
  • Auction prices of different channels 
  • What SEOs can learn from PPC tools   
  • Five rules of engagement for landing pages and conversion tracking

How the Yandex Leak Will Forever Change Your SEO Game Plan

Recently a portion of Yandex's source code was leaked. 

What does that mean to your SEO moving forward?

Think about this…

Understanding their source code will give you a glimpse into the inner workings of the search engine. This gives you an opportunity to analyze the Yandex ranking factors and compare them to those used by Google.

In this post, I’ll break down some of the high-level themes we see as well as show you some unique elements of the algorithms that might change how you do SEO moving forward.

But first, let’s explore why analyzing the Yandex algorithms is so important.

Five tips to optimize your Google Business Profile with Greg Gifford

Is your Google business profile fully optimized?

In this episode, Greg Gifford reveals five tips to optimize your Google Business Profile, including:   
  • Optimize your business name     
  • Add UTMs to your URLs         
  • Optimize your categories     
  • Questions and answers     
  • Google posts

6 Tips to Boost Your Entity SEO With Sara Taher

What exactly is entity SEO and how do you use it to boost your SEO?

In this episode, Sara Taher shares six tips to boost your entity SEO, including:   

  • Create a topical map   
  • Decide on the page/topic     
  • Entity research     
  • Integrate entities     
  • Add internal links     
  • Add schema

5 SEO AI Tips to Implement Straight Away With Bastian Grimm

How is AI impacting Google, how is this impacting SEO, and what can you do about it?

In this episode, Bastian Grimm shares five SEO AI tips to implement straight away, including:

  • Content AI tools
  • Brainstorming and timesaving
  • Generate static imagery
  • Generate video
  • Prompt optimization

Similarweb Search Volumes Are Now in Rank Ranger

Big announcement.

As you probably know by now, Rank Ranger is a Similarweb company and this puts us in a unique position.

You see, Similarweb’s data is second to none. And we have access to it.

And that brings us to how we bring you search volumes in our rank tracker UI.

Until now, we’ve always used Google’s Keyword Planner search volumes. The reason we did this is that we were looking for accurate data. And since the data comes from Google it’s likely to be accurate.

But over the years it became apparent that Keyword Planner search volumes are severely limiting.

Discover why we changed our search volume data source, what it means to you and how you can get access to it.     

5 SEO Cognitive Biases in Content Marketing With Myriam Jessier

Are you aware of your cognitive biases that may be unconsciously influencing your content publishing decisions?

In this post, Myriam Jessier shares five SEO content biases to watch out for, including:   
  • Anchoring
  • The illusory truth effect   
  • Authority bias     
  • The bandwagon effect       
  • The Google effect 

Three Things That SEOs Can Learn from Google Ads

Should SEO and Google Ads teams sit in separate camps, never the twain shall meet?

Or can both specialties help each other out? And if so, what can SEOs learn from Google Ads? 

In this episode, Krzysztof Marzec shares three things that SEOs can learn from Google Ads, including:   
  • Expected click-through rate     
  • Ad relevance   
  • Landing page experience

6 Ways to Be More Inclusive with Your Content

Are you unintentionally turning off a significant chunk of your target audience by publishing content that isn't inclusive?

How can you turn this around and make sure that you appeal to as many people as possible?

In this episode, Sarah McDowell explains six ways to be more inclusive with your content, including:   
  • Inclusive language   
  • Inclusive imagery 
  • Gender forms and security practices   
  • Keywords   
  • Showing support on your website   
  • Link out to resources

5 Ways to Better Partner with Your SEO Clients

How much time do you take to better understand your clients' businesses? Are you just a service provider or are you a true business partner?

In this episode, Jake Guntley shares five ways to be better business partners for your SEO clients, including:
  • Is SEO the right choice for your business?
  • Make all digital media more efficient 
  • Use SEO data to answer brand questions
  • Be honest when it's time to pivot strategy or resource   
  • Explore internal processes and work to make them more efficient

How to structure an SEO training session

When setting up SEO training for your team, how do you decide what training to deliver and how should you structure those training sessions? 

In this episode, Billie shares how to structure SEO training, including:   
  • Picking the right SEO training for your team 
  • Review your matrix   
  • Face-to-face vs. self-taught 
  • Training non-SEOs   

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