Market Reach

Reveals the Most Powerful Keywords in Your Marketing Campaign

Market Reach

Measure the potential revenue of your websites business with this keyword analysis report and take the opportunity to orchestrate the market share of your keywords over time. Assess and report on Organic Search and SEO Market Reach based on an algorithm that identifies the keywords and landing pages that have the most effect on your customers. Our Market Reach reporting offers you sound approximations of Google's Not Provided Keywords.

This report uncovers a Reach Value based on a proprietary algorithm that represents the percentage of traffic the website currently receives and the potential it has based on the Search Engine Rank and volume.

Search Engine Market Share and Analysis

All your valuable keyword information in one table that lists the most powerful keywords you are working with sorted by Search Engine Rank and Reach, as well as Total Volume, PPC estimated demand and Total Reach for that keyword across all Search Engines.

The Landing Page Results

The Landing Pages table details the Search volume and Market Reach for pages that contain keywords tracked in your Rank Ranger Campaign. The report measures each Landing Page for its Market Reach and Total Search Volume. Finding all the Keywords and their combined reach for all Search Engines that refer to a specific page in your domain.