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Search Traffic Data Integration
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Filter & Analyze Traffic KPIs

Rank Ranger presents Google Analytics data in an organized and logical format with so many customization and segmentation options that you might decide to share multiple versions of the same marketing analysis report using different traffic metrics and a custom title.

Our Search Traffic reports can be filtered by traffic type, transactions, events, and built in and custom segments and goals that were created in the website’s Google Analytics profile. Results can be compared to a previous time period for trend reports of key metric statistics at a glance including:
  • Visits
  • Users
  • Page Views
  • Pages/Session
  • Avg. Time on Site
  • Bounce Rate
  • New Users
  • Goal Completions
  • Goal Conversions

Using the Search Traffic Overview, Traffic Sources and Traffic Monthly Snapshot reports you can answer basic questions about traffic like:
  • How many visitors came to the website? New users vs. old? How long did they stay?
  • Were they engaged and did they convert?
  • Which sites referred traffic to the website?
  • Which keywords provided the most traffic?
  • What percentage of traffic is from paid vs. organic search, email marketing, direct link, referrals and social media marketing?

Know Your Audience

Depending upon your business model it may be important for you to know which locations your visits originate from, as well as visitor gender and age brackets. Our Audience Geo Location report can be customized to include world map locations, global sessions summary and audience details by country.

The Audience Demographics report provides age & gender charts with a tabular breakdown of website visitor statistics and a sessions summary.

Both reports can be filtered by key metric, segment and goal conversion type and with data compared to a previous time period for trend analysis.

Market Sector Performance

You can segment the Marketing KPI Analysis by marketing channel to compare the difference in performance for various marketing activities. For example:
  • Compare conversion or transaction performance on desktops, tablets and mobile phones
  • Analyze visitor characteristics like returning users vs. new users, bounce rate and transactions
  • Custom segment by geography to determine which countries, regions or cities perform the best
  • Compare Organic traffic and Ads campaign revenue and analyze return on investment
  • Measure specific events that are tracked in your Google Analytics account such as Call Tracking and Form Filled Out
Filter the Marketing KPI Analysis by specific Analytics Segments, Goals or Transactions to determine if your conversion funnel is functioning as planned.