Portfolio Management

Enterprise Marketing Performance Dashboard
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Analyze Account-Wide Performance

Portfolio Management reporting provides a high level monthly enterprise analysis of SEO and marketing campaign performance. Choose baseline, current and percentage change metrics for:
  • Page 1, 2 and 3 search engine rank
  • Average Rank
  • Visibility Score
  • Google Analytics total traffic, organic traffic and/or paid traffic
  • Search Console queries, impressions and clicks
Establish target goal values for various marketing KPI fields such as the number of Page 1 keywords, average rank and total traffic, and watch for the bright green indicator of success.

Customize and Share Marketing KPIs

Create multiple versions of the Marketing Portfolio report based on the goals of each recipient, add a custom cover page and set up on a monthly schedule to be delivered automatically to multiple email addresses in PDF report format.

For more interactive management reporting, create a white label Client Dashboard and enable permissions for the viewer to select their own marketing metrics and goals.