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AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages

19.34% of page one SERPs include at least 1 AMP result *


2.65% of all organic results are AMP (of the SERPs with at least one AMP result, 0.00% are AMP results)

News Box

0% of all News Box results are AMP

* Incl. either News and/or Organic results

App Box

App Boxes appear on 4.19% of page one SERPs
Average apps per pack: 2.63 apps


Ads appear on 17.87% of page one SERPs
Average ads per page: 1.93 ads

Direct Answer Types

(0.21% of page one SERPs have Direct Answers)

About this SERP Features Tool

The Mobile SERP Features Intelligence tool capitalizes on Rank Ranger's 100K Dataset in order to track trends and provide insights into the features that enhance Google's mobile search results. This complimentary tool can be used within the research setting to benchmark and explore the presence and trends of Google SERP Features on the mobile web.

Designed especially for mobile search, the Mobile SERP Features Intelligence tool tracks those Google SERP Features dedicated specifically to mobile search such as:
  • Mobile-friendly
  • AMP results
  • App Box
  • Rich Cards
  • Phone
The tool also tracks the presence and trends of Knowledge Graphs, Ads, Images, Local Pack, News Pack, Related Search and Organic Results counts, plus special page indicators (e.g., events, HTTPs, ratings, notable online, image and video thumbnails, search box, sitelinks, Twitter pack, etc.).

Learn more about each of the features on our Google SERP Features Visual Guide.

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Rank Ranger encourages research and in-depth case studies relating to Google Search (e.g., algorithm changes, SERP features, organic, local, and mobile results, etc.) and its effect on organizations, business marketers, consumers and societies.
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