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Whether you're creating custom dashboards, elaborate analytical reports or mobile apps, Rank Ranger is your data provider for organic, local, mobile, video and app store search engine results information.

Easily integrate Rank Stats, Average Rank, Market Reach, top 50 and top 100 rank, competitor stats, suggested search, related search, special SERP features like Carousel, Knowledge Panel, Direct Answers and more. Convenient API Console simplifies construction of API requests for quick testing and implementation.

Rank Top 50 or Rank Top 100 APIs

Top Rank Competitors

Get deep competition intelligence with our Rank Top 50 or Rank Top 100 API. These data extraction methods help you discover the top 50 or top 100 landing pages ranking for your keyword on specific search engines and include notation of special Search Result Indicators (e.g., site links, video, search box, HTTPS, rating, event, etc.).

Choose your frequency and search engine and we’ll provide fresh daily, weekly or monthly rank data from Google, Google Maps, Google Mobile, Yahoo!, Bing, Yandex or Baidu.

Enhance a Google organic Rank Top 50 or Rank Top 100 package with Google SERP Features and receive:
  • Knowledge Panel title and subtitle
  • Carousel type and up to 50 results
  • Direct Answers existence and type
  • Local Pack top 3 titles
  • Image Pack results URLs
  • News Pack results titles and URLs
  • Paid Results

Suggested Search API

Discover the keywords Google is suggesting when your keywords are entered into a Google Search. We’ll provide you with up to 10 results along with the HTML detailing the words that display in bold in those suggested keyword search results.

Related Search API

Search phrases related to your keyword that display at the bottom of a Google search results page can provide insight into what Google is "thinking" and where they're directing your potential visitors before they click on to page 2 results. This API provides up to 10 related search phrases for your keyword.

Code SEO Platform Functionality into Your Creation

Build your own SEO and Marketing platform by integrating our Account & Data Management APIs into your application.
Create and manage campaigns by adding your campaign details, keywords, profiles and search engine settings via API.
Manage access to White Label Client Dashboards directly from your application.
Retrieve data for your packages, campaigns, keywords, links, profiles, domains and competitors.