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Google SERP Features API

Google SERP Features is a premium add-on to the Rank Top 50 API and Rank Top 100 API methods that return the top 50 or top 100 landing pages ranking for a campaign keyword and Google search engine on a specific date. Results include rank, landing page URL, notation of special Search Result Indicators  (e.g., site links, video, search box, HTTPS, rating, event, etc.), and SERP Meta Title.  This google_serp_features add-on provides special Search Page Indicators including:

Contact us with the number of keywords and search engines (e.g., Global, Google country-specific, Google Mobile, Google Maps) you'd like this data for, along with your choice of Top 50 or Top 100 results and the data frequency (e.g., daily, weekly or monthly), and we'll provide you with information regarding a custom SERP API package and pricing.  

Refer to the Rank Ranger API Overview page for information on how to obtain API access, obtain an API Key, error codes, and a full list of API methods.

Google SERP Features API

Search Page Indicator Examples



Carousel: Product

If a Carousel exists in the search results for your keyword, the API indicates the type: Image or List, and provides up to 50 Image Titles. 

SERP Features Carousel API
API Response if Product Carousel exists

In this example, the results indicate an Image type of Carousel and provide the movie title results.

API provides Image Carousel results

Carousel: List

If a Carousel exists in the search results for your keyword, we will indicate the type: Image or List, and provide up to 50 list item Titles.

SERP features Carousel song list

API Response if List Carousel exists

In this example, the results indicate a List type of Carousel and provide the detailed list results. 

API response for carousel with song list

Knowledge Graph: Knowledge Panels

The google_serp_features API provides an indication of the existence of a Knowledge Graph in the search results for your keyword and includes the Title and Subtitle.  Google serves a variety of knowledge graph types, below are a few examples.

Business Knowledge Panel
SERP features Knowledge Graph

The above search results page also contains Site Links (a search result indicator found in Top 50 & Top 100 APIs in the Extra tag) and News (a search page indicator, refer to News result format further down this page).

Food Knowledge Panel

Food knowledge panels come in several styles including nutrition facts or recipes.

Food Knowledge Graph

General Info Knowledge Panel
The quick reference style knowledge graph answer box often utilizes data from Wikipedia.

Small Knowledge Graph

API Response if Knowledge Graph exists

Knowledge Graph Title and Subtitle are provided in the API results. Based on the above example, the Title: Saturn and Subtitle: Planet is displayed and the description in the API results.

API response if knowledge graph exists in search results


Product Listing Ads

The google_serp_features API provides an indication of the existence of a Product Listing Ads in the search results for your keyword and includes the Title, URL, Shop, and Price as shown on the right side of the search result of the example below

Product Listing Ads
Product Listing Ads

API Response if Product Listing exists

API response if product listing ads exists in search results

Knowledge Graph: Featured Snippet

SERP Featured Snippet
Answer Box Info with link


Knowledge Graph: Answer Box Types

Google has been adding new types of featured snippets and so we've expanded the information we provide in API results when a featured snippet, such as an Answer Box, is present.

Answer Box: Calculator

SERP Answer Box Calculator
API Response if Calculator in SERPs

If we find an answer box in the search results for your keyword and it is a calculator, the API results indicate that.

API results for Calculator in SERPs

Answer Box: Currency Conversion

SERP Feature Answer Box currency
API Response if Currency Answer Box exists

If an answer box of the currency type exists for the keyword search results page, the API indicates the existence and labels the type as "currency conversion".  

SERP features Answer Box with Currency results

Answer Box: Dictionary
dictionary result in Google SERPs
API Results for Dictionary Answer Box

If a dictionary definition answer box displays in the search results for a keyword you're tracking in Rank Ranger, the API will return a box-type dictionary.

Dictionary Answer Box in API results

Answer Box: Disambiguation Type
Disambiguation Answer Box in SERPs

Disambiguation Box in API Results

If a See Results About (aka disambiguation) box displays in the search results for your keyword, the API results will include a section labeled "box" and the titles of the items in that box.  In this example, the SERP also included a Sports answer box.

Disambiguation box in API results

Answer Box: Flight Search with Type, Airline, Duration, and Prices
Google is serving several different versions of Flight Answer Boxes, this one is interactive.

Answer box with flight search options

Answer Box: Suggested Flights and Search Option
Flight answer box with airport listings

Answer Box: Flight Duration & Options

Answer Box Flight Duration and otpions

API Results for Reservation Information Flight Answer Boxes

If the keyword you're tracking scores one of these 3 Flight Answer Box types, the API returns a box type "flights" and the title of the box.
Flight Answer Box API results

Answer Box: Current Flight

This clever answer box enables a quick view of the current flight status by searching for the airline and flight number.

Current Flight SERP Answer Box

API Results for Current Flight Answer Box

If an answer box with current flight information displays in the SERPs for your keyword, the API returns the "current flight" type.

API results for Current Flight Answer Box

Answer Box Graphs

Helpful for anyone doing homework or studying for a test, Google's Answer Box Graphs provide an extra dimension of data.

Graph answer box

API Results for Graph Answer Box

If a graph is displayed in an answer box for your keyword in the search engine results, the API will return an answer box type "graph".

API results for answer box graph

Answer Box: Info with Map and Image

Google presents many types of info boxes, these are only a few examples.
Info Answer Box - locatoin

Answer Box: Info with Images

Info Answer Box - Distance

API Results for Info Answer Box

If Google provides an info answer box for your keyword in the SERPs, the API will report the type and title.

API results for info box
API Results for Info Answer Box with Links

If Google provides a link in addition to the answer box information, the API reports the type, title, and URL.

API results for info answer box with link

Answer Box: Map of location

SERP Answer Box map of location

API Results for SERP Answer Box of Map Location

When the search engine results include a map of a location, if you're tracking a keyword that produced that type of result, the API will report map type, the title of the answer box, and map type "map of".
SERP answer box map of location

Answer Box: Map Directions
SERP Map Directions answer box

API Results for Map Directions Answer Box

If a map directions type of answer box displays for your tracked keyword, the API reports the answer box title and map type: directions.

API results for map directions answer box

Answer Box: Nutrition Calculator
Nutrition Calculator SERP Answer Box

API Results for Nutrition Calculator Answer Box

If your keyword scores a nutrition calculator answer box, the API will report its presence in the SERP and the answer box title.

API results for nutrition calculator

Answer Box: Population Information

SERP answer box population info

API Results for Population Info Answer Box

When a population answer box displays in the SERPs for your keyword, the API reports the box type "population info".

Population Answer Box

Answer Box: Sports

Sports Answer Box

API Results for Sports Answer Boxes

Google presents Sports Answer boxes in a few styles, if your keyword results in the type, the API will report the type and title of the answer box.

sports answer box in SERPs

Answer Box: Stock Market Prices and Trends
Stock Market Answer Boxes

API Results for Stock Prices SERP Answer Box

If your keyword ranks a Stock Market answer box, the API  reports the type, symbol, and price displayed in the stock answer box.

SERP API Answer Box results for stock market

Answer Box: Translation
SERP Answer Box Translation

API Results for Translation SERP Answer Box

When a translation answer box displays in the SERPs for your keyword, the API reports the type: translation.

API results for SERP Translation answer box

Answer Box: Weather

Weather Answer box

API Response if Weather Answer Box exists

If a weather answer box exists on the search engine results page for your keyword, the API indicates the existence with the type of "weather", and provides the answer box title. 

Answer Box API results for weather


SERP Local Pack

Hotel/Local Results

If a local pack displays your keyword, the API returns the Title of the first 3 results. The example below listed the three hotels included in the API response.

Google Local Pack for London Hotels

API Response for Hotel Pack

The API returns the Title, Price, and rating of the first 3 or 4 places displayed in the Hotel Pack. 

SERP features Local Pack API response

API Response for Local Pack

API returns the title and extra of the first 3 places of the Local pack result.

SERP features Local Pack API response


Image Blocks

SERP Images

If an image box exists in the search results for your keyword, the google_serp_features API provides a list of Google's URLs for those images (example of the URL for the beach image on the left below).
Google SERP Images
API Response if Images exist

The API returns the URLs of images if they exist in an Image bar in the search results. 
API provides Image URLs in Google search results



Top Stories

If News results display for your keyword, the API results will include the Title and URL and the source of the list of top stores.  

SERP News results
API Response if News exists in Search Results 

The API returns the Title, URL, and source of the Top Stories section of Google search results.

Google News results API


Paid Results

SERP Ad Results
If Paid Results (e.g., AdWords ads) display for your keyword, then the API results will include the Title of the Ad, URL, and the description.
Paid results in Google SERPs

API Response if Paid Ads Exist in Search Results

The API returns the Ad Title, URL, and Description

Paid Ads in search results


Video Box

SERP Video Box
The Video Box SERP feature is commonly displayed in mobile search results.
Video Box results in Google SERPs

API Response if Video Box Exists in Search Results

The API returns the Video Box title, URL, and user listed in the search result.

Video Box in search results



Thinks to Know

SERP Things to Know
If a list of Things to Know is displayed for your keyword, then the API results will include the Things to Know key and value.
Things to know results in Google SERPs

API Response if Things to Know Exist in Search Results

The API returns the Things to Know key and value as they are listed in the search result.

Things to Know in search results




key string The unique API key assigned to your account
keyword string Keyword
date yyyy-mm-dd Requested data date
Optional: Date Range can be called using
(for up to a span of 10 days)
If the date is used, then do not include the results parameter

se_id int Search Engine ID
int Campaign ID number
results int Number of days' data (up to 10)
Do not use with date parameter
show_title string Option to include SERP Link Title in the top 50 results
show_desc string Option to include SERP Description in the top 50 results


API Request Examples

Construct & test API requests in the API Console or follow one of these examples:

Top 50 for a specific date

Top 50 for a date range with SERP Title and Description included

Top 50 for a date range

Top 50 for a specific number of results and including SERP Link Title

The default output is in XML format, if you would like the output to be JSON then you will need to add "&output=json” at the end of the string

Sample Response

The following response has been fabricated to demonstrate many of the Search Page Indicator options described in this document, therefore, it contains responses for a variety of unrelated keywords. In the Top 50 results section, Search Result Indicators are contained between "extra" tags.

Knowledge Graph and Answer Boxes
image results
News results
Paid results
SERP top 50 rank results
Top 50 Landing Pages with Result types Indicators

How to Identify Featured Snippet Rank in Search Intelligence APIs

Question: With your Rank Top 50Rank Top 100 or Search Query API, how can I distinguish between a keyword that organically ranked in position 1 vs. one that ranked in position 1 because it was in a featured snippet?
  • In the search_results for each rank position, our Rank Top 50, Rank Top 100 and Search Query APIs provide rank, url, extra and title.  SERP indicators are recorded as extra data, extra: Featured Snippet is the indicator you will see when a keyword ranks in position 1 inside of a Featured Snippet.
  • For APIs that have Google SERP Features included, Featured Snippets are identified in the google_serp_features > answer boxes > answer_boxab_type: Featured Snippet. Included in that result is the title, url and image_url when they exist in the Featured Snippet.

This illustration provides an example of our Rank Top 50 API results, demonstrating how results from the SERP are presented (Rank Top 100 and Search Query APIs deliver that data in the same way).

Featured Snippet in API results

How to Obtain API Access

If you'd like to help determining which of our API plans is most appropriate for your needs, contact our service team and an account manager will be happy to assist you.

If you already have a Rank Ranger plan and see an error message when accessing the Account Settings > API & Connected Apps screen, then to obtain API access you will need to upgrade to a package that includes API access by completing a custom package request form or contacting Rank Ranger support with your requirements.

If your company has API services included in a plan and you aren't able to access the screen, contact your company's Rank Ranger account administrator to request that your user permissions be set to include access to the Account Settings > API & Connected Apps screen.

How to Generate New API Keys

You can obtain API Keys per user if your Rank Ranger account has API access by navigating to
1. Campaigns
2. API Resources
3. API Key Generator
4. Click the Generate Key button
5. Select a User and add a note (optional)
6. Click the Add button

Generate API Key

API Console: Construct & Test API Requests

To make construction of API requests easy, we offer this API testing tool. Most parameters are included in the options of the console, however, you may need to add custom option parameters to your API requests based on the specific API you're using. Referencing the parameters information that is listed in the specific API method documentation, you can construct and test API requests in Rank Ranger's API Console by navigating to:

1. Campaigns
2. API Resources > API Console
3. Select the Method and complete the applicable fields
4. Click the Generate button
5. Test your API method by clicking the launch URL icon and view your results. Once your results are as you want them, copy that URL into your own application and modify as needed for each request.

Rank Ranger API Testing Tool

Getting Started: Samples of APIs used for Creating Campaigns

We recommend reviewing our Best Practices Guide prior to structuring campaigns.

Get Packages Info: Required when there is more than 1 package in an account

Add a Profile: An option for adding an identifier to your campaigns for categorization (e.g., by language, country, etc) Name&profile_ref_id=YourInternalReferenceID

Get Profile ID list: Optional Data needed for Add a Campaign

Obtain the Search Engine List: Data needed for Add a Campaign

Add a Campaign: Create a new campaign, response will include the Campaign ID number that is needed for adding a search engine and keywords

*Note that Profile ID is an optional field that you may use, if you choose not to use it, then please remove "&profile_id=ProfileIDnumber” from the end of this call

Add a Search Engine: Add search engine to a campaign

Add a Keyword: An optional field is available for keyword_identifier field, allowing you to add your own unique identifier to each keyword &keyword=yourkeyword&keyword_identifier=your-keyword-identifier

Bulk Add Keywords: You may download and use the spreadsheet found on the Campaign Settings > Keywords screen to organize and import your keywords, or use this API,keyword2,keyword3

You'll find additional API methods in the Account Management and Data documentation

API Query Limits

Rank Ranger APIs can pull up to 100 queries per minute. If more than 10,000 API GET requests per hour is required, then there is an option available at an additional throughput fee, contact customer service for assistance.

Rank Reporting Method Limits
  • Rank Data & Research Reporting API methods can only provide data from campaigns tracking in your Rank Ranger account.
  • You can run an unlimited number of queries through the API.
Research API Methods
  • The variety of Research Method APIs have limits on the number of queries per day based on the capacity of your package. If you require additional units, please contact customer service and an account manager will provide you with package upgrade pricing.
Search API Method Limits
  • SEO Intelligence API method query limits are based on the number of units purchased for your custom plan (e.g., 1 unit = 1 keyword tracked on 1 search engine, 1 time).
  • Search API plans do not include access to the reporting platform.

Developer API Methods

Account Management 


Account Data 

Reporting API

Rank Data Methods 


Research Methods 

Search API

SEO Intelligence Methods

These are stand-alone packages that do not include use of reports, graphs or analysis tools in the Rank Ranger platform.


API Error Codes

Code Text Description
101 Invalid Method
Method does not exist, check your syntax
102 Invalid API Key
The API Key inserted is invalid, check for key accuracy
103 Invalid Domain
The Domain requested is invalid or does not exist in your account
104 Invalid Date
The selected date range or syntax is invalid
105 Invalid Keyword
The Keyword does not exist in this campaign 
202 Invalid Campaign Name
The Campaign name is invalid or missing
203 Invalid Primary URL
The Primary URL is invalid or missing
204 Invalid Campaign ID
The Campaign ID is invalid or missing
208 Invalid Search Engine
Invalid Search Engine ID
210 Keyword already exists
The Keyword already exists in this campaign
211 Keywords exist in campaign
You need to delete Keywords from this campaign before trying to delete the campaign
212 Invalid Package ID
Invalid Package ID
215 Custom White Label URL is already in use for another campaign
The Custom URL that you have selected for your White Label Portal is in use by another campaign, please select a different URL
400 No Results
No results were found
401 Limit Reached
You have reached the maximum number of Campaigns allowed in your package

406 Too many processes requested
The account has exceeded the limit on the number of exports that can be run and stored via the Campaigns > Import & Export > Campaign Export tool. After downloading the files, you may delete them in the Campaign Export screen or via the API.

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