All Your Local SEO Data at Your Fingertips

Track every aspect of your local SEO, including:
  • Organic rank
  • Local Pack Tracking
  • Local Finder Tracking
  • Google Maps Tracking
  • Google Business Profile Integration

Localized Rank Tracking

Whether you need to track a business’ rank from 10 locations or hundreds, you can maximize your rank and drive leads using Rank Ranger.
  • Track from a specific country, state, city or zip code
  • See your rankings for all locations side by side to identify stronger and weaker locations
  • Aggregate rank from many locations so you can compare regional ranking data

Winning Local Packs

Appearing in Local Packs is crucial to driving traffic and increasing revenue to a local business, and having accurate, consistent data on your business listings is key to achieving success.
  • Top quality data on your business’ appearances in Local Packs
  • View up-to-date organic and Local Pack rankings side by side to get the complete picture
  • Report on competitor positions in the Local Pack at every location

Insights With Local Finder

When someone searching on Google clicks on the “More locations” link at the bottom of the Local Pack they see the entire list of local businesses providing a product or service.
  • Get the ultimate optimization tool for local SEO by tracking your business listings in the Local Finder using Rank Ranger.
  • Find out which changes are improving your rank in the Local Finder and ultimately getting you into Local Packs

Dominate on Google Maps

Particularly when people are out and about their go-to app to find a product or service is Google Maps.
  • Use Rank Ranger to track all of your business’ locations on Google Maps
  • See your listings’ performance across many metrics to how each location is performing
  • Visualize your local results on graphs, widgets or even on a map

Optimize for Local Packs
With Google Local Finder

We track your rank in Google Local Finder so you gain deeper granularity into your local position. The Local Finder shows you how far you are from the Local 3 Pack.

You can optimize your listing in each location to gain visibility and bring customers to your business..

Optimize for Local Packs

Compare Rank Position in Multiple Locations Side-by-Side

Whether you’re tracking rank in different zip codes, cities, states or countries, you’ll have the tools you need to monitor, compare and optimize your locations.
  • See how your business is ranking in all tracked locations side-by-side
  • Track rank on Google Desktop or mobile
  • Optimize for the Local Pack by tracking your rank on the Local Finder
Compare Rank Position Reports

Monthly/Daily Snapshot Reports

Monitor and Report at Any Granularity

Identify trends using daily and weekly rank reports while telling your success story by sharing a monthly snapshot with executives.
  • Monitor the trend up to the moment or over time to know where you’re winning and where you face fierce competition.
  • Local Pack appearances on SERPs, Local Finder tracking and GMB metrics for every location - all in one place.
  • See your aggregate local performance rolled up by city, region or country

Keep Tabs On The Competition

Keep tabs on your competitors using a variety of tools including the Share of Voice, Competitor Rank Comparison and SEO Monitor reports.

Keep Tabs on the Competition

Convey Your Successes to Your Customers

It’s not enough to have great results. You need to be able to communicate them to your clients. Rank Ranger’s unique local SEO reports help you highlight the results you’ve achieved.

You’ll have access to customized reports for organic rank, Local Pack performance, GMB performance, completed goals and much more. You’ll have the tools to summarize all your locations’ performance at an executive level using graphs, widgets and local and global rank maps.

All the reports can be included in fully branded dashboards or automated PDFs.

Google My Business Performance Reports

Local Packs are a highly prevalent feature placed prominently on SERPs with local intent and appearing in them is essential for local businesses. Rank Ranger provides a whole suite of reports highlighting your performance.

Showcase Local Performance

Showcase Local Performance With The GMB “Highlights” Report

Rank Rangers’ GMB Highlights report automatically picks the GMB listing’s three best-performing metrics to showcase. The software checks MoM change vs YoY change for every metric and then shows the top performers.

The report shows a snapshot of this period’s performance vs the previous one with the percentage change gained along with a trend graph comparing the performance of the two periods.

Choose From a Large Selection of GMB Metrics & Activity Reports

You’ll have at your disposal a wide range of Google My Business metrics reports that you can use to tell the local SEO performance story. In addition, you can show the business’ up-to-date rating, latest reviews, and views of local posts and photo uploads to give a complete picture of your activities for the client.

In-Depth Google My Business Insights Reports

A comprehensive set of reports detailing how customers find and interact with your business listings on Google. Delve into a series of colorful data-filled reports providing you with the following information:

  • How customers found your listing
    View the overall & daily breakdown of users who found you searching for your brand vs product and category queries.
  • Where customers found your listing
    See detailed reports of where people viewed your business listing whether on Google search or on Google Maps.
  • Customer actions
    Discover how many calls and websites your business listing is driving and find out how many people are requesting directions to your business' location.
  • Calls per day and per hour
    Identify which day of the week you get the most calls from your business listing and which are the peak hours.
  • Photo views
    Compare the number of photos uploaded by you versus your customers. See how those photos are engaging your potential customers using the daily breakdown graph.
  • Performance of Google Posts
    Monitor the number of views your Google Posts are receiving and the clicks you're getting from the call-to-action button.
GMB Insights Report

Upgrade Your Reporting to the New Standard

Using a generic-looking dashboard for your reporting is one thing. Presenting a fully branded dashboard that projects your brand’s look and feel puts you in an entirely different league. With Rank Ranger’s dashboards, there’s even an option to use your own subdomain for the dashboard URL.

For your local SEO clients, all their business locations can be included in one dashboard, and if you’re tracking a truly large number of locations, you can split them across multiple dashboards and link them with a drop-down menu for a single-sign-on reporting experience.

Visualize Seo Performance Using Our Geo-Insights Report

Visualize local SEO performance across cities, states, and countries using metrics like average rank, rank distribution, organic visibility and SERP feature wins.

Visualize Seo Performance

Report on Incoming Calls With Call Tracking Integration

If generating incoming calls is one of your KPIs for your local SEO campaign, you can integrate CallRail or Call Tracking Metrics with Rank Ranger and take advantage of our built-in top-level and detail reports.
Incoming Calls Report

Local SEO on Steroids

Rank Ranger’s combination of unique local SEO tracking tools together with its fully-branded dashboards gives you the competitive edge you need to outperform other SEO teams