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Featured Snippet (SERP Feature)

Featured Snippets are short answers that appear above the organic search results on page one of Google in response to queries seeking specific information. Featured Snippets can appear in the format of a paragraph, a bulleted or numbered list, a table, or a large YouTube video player.
Comprehensive guide to Featured Snippets

Featured Snippet (SERP Feature)

Why are featured snippets important?


Featured Snippets are highly visual SERP features that are usually featured at the top of the search engine results page. Because of their highly visual nature, they commonly have a high click-through rate and can boost a site's brand recognition.

How do you rank in Featured Snippets?


Find Featured Snippet opportunities by finding pages that are ranking near the top of page one of Google. Look for SERPs that are already showing a Featured Snippet.

Analyze the user intent on the SERP and then try to understand how the current Featured Snippet is answering the user intent. Identify the type of Featured Snippet that is currently ranking.

Write out Featured Snippet text in the article and make sure that it answers the search intent more thoroughly than the content that is presented in the current snippet.

Here are some tips for creating successful Featured Snippet content:
  1. Write out the question that the snippet is answering.
  2. For list Featured Snippets, make sure to include the list items either in headers (h1, h2, etc.) or in a numbered list or bulleted list (li).
  3. For paragraph text, include approximately 290 characters. Try to answer the query as directly and as clearly as possible.
  4. Include a high-quality image in close proximity to the snippet text and make sure to include a brief description in the alt tag. 

How many types of Featured Snippets exist?


There are generally five types of Featured Snippets:
  • List
  • Paragraph
  • Tables
  • Video
  • Accordion

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