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Rank Stats API

The rank stats method returns ranking data for all keywords in a campaign for a specific date including domain URL, landing page, keyword, tags for that keyword, rank, search volume and search engine name and URL.

Refer to Rank Ranger API Overview page for information on how to obtain API access, obtain an API Key, error codes and a full list of API methods.



key string The unique API key assigned to your account
domain tld Top level domain requested: this must be a domain that is being tracked in the campaign
date yyyy-mm-dd Requested data date
string Campaign ID number
keyword_id string Optional: you can add the &additional_tags=keyword_id parameter to the end of the call and it will display the Rank Ranger keyword_id in the success response
se_id string Optional: you can add the &se_id parameter to the end of the call and in the success response only the results for the search engine id you enter will display.
best_rank string Optional: you can add the &include_best_rank=true  parameter to the end of the call and it will display the best rank an individual keyword has achieved since Rank Ranger began tracking it.



Construct & test API requests in the API Console or follow one of these examples:

Base URL

Example with call to retrieve keyword_id and best rank

Example with call to retrieve results for only a specific search engine and keyword keyword 

The default output is in XML format, if you would like the output to be json then you will need to add "&output=json” at the end of the string



API Query Limits

You can run an unlimited number of queries through the API.
  • Only data from your Rank Ranger account can be pulled through the API.
  • Rank Ranger APIs can pull up to 100 queries per minute.
If more than 10,000 API GETs per hour is required, then there is an option available at an additional throughput fee.

API Console: Construct & Test API Requests

Using the Method options information, you can construct and test API requests using Rank Ranger's API Console (accessed via Tools > Utilities in the top navigation and the API Console link in the bottom navigation when you're logged into your account).  Simply:
  • Select the desired Method
  • Complete the applicable fields based on the specific method (e.g., Campaign ID, Package ID, Profile ID, Date Range, Domain URL, Keyword)
  • Click the Generate button
Test your API method by clicking the Launch URL icon and view your results. Once your results are as you want them, copy that URL into your own applications.

Rank Ranger API Testing Tool

API Error Codes

Code Text Description
101 Invalid Method
Method does not exist, check your syntax
102 Invalid API Key
The API Key inserted is invalid, check for key accuracy
103 Invalid Domain
The Domain requested is invalid or does not exist in your account
104 Invalid Date
The selected date range or syntax is invalid
105 Invalid Keyword
The Keyword does not exist in this campaign 
202 Invalid Campaign Name
The Campaign name is invalid or missing
203 Invalid Primary URL
The Primary URL is invalid or missing
204 Invalid Campaign ID
The Campaign ID is invalid or missing
208 Invalid Search Engine
Invalid Search Engine ID
210 Keyword already exists
The Keyword already exists in this campaign
211 Keywords exist in campaign
You need to delete Keywords from this campaign before trying to delete the campaign
212 Invalid Package ID
Invalid Package ID
215 Custom White Label URL is already in use for another campaign
The Custom URL that you have selected for your White Label Portal is in use by another campaign, please select a different URL
400 No Results
No results were found
401 Limit Reached
You have reached the maximum number of Campaigns allowed in your package

Developer API Methods

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