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Google SERP Features API with XML Data

Google SERP Features is a premium add-on to the Rank Top 50 API and Rank Top 100 API methods that return the top 50 or top 100 landing pages ranking for a campaign keyword and Google search engine on a specific date. Results include rank, landing page URL, notation of special Search Result Indicators (e.g., site links, video, search box, HTTPS, rating, event, etc.), and SERP Meta Title. This google_serp_features add-on provides special Search Page Indicators including:
  • Google for Jobs:
  • Carousel: type and up to 50 results
  • Product carousel
  • Knowledge Panel: title and subtitle
  • Answer Box: type, position, items, and their title, URL, and description
    • Featured Snippet
    • Info
    • Related Questions
    • People also ask
    • People also search for
    • Dictionary
    • Map
    • Nutrition Calculator
    • Disambiguation
    • Sports
    • Flights
    • Stock
    • Weather
    • Population
    • Currency and more...
  • Image results: URLs
  • Top Stories: titles and URLs
  • Local Pack: top 3 titles and extra
  • Hotel Pack: top 4 titles and their ratings
  • Video box: position, title, URL, and user
  • Product Listing Ads: position (top/bottom), title, URL, shop name, price
  • Paid Results: title, URL, description, and location (top/bottom)
  • Apps Box: a list of three apps (only available on mobile)
  • Discover more places: list of three places and their titles
  • Things to know
  • Rich Cards

Our Rank Top 50/100 API reports with Google SERP Features add-on are available in XML or JSON form. This document is put together for the developers who are looking for the raw data examples with the exact XML tags and corresponding results such as result types, position, title, URL, and more.

Google SERP Features Section


SERP Features Section XML tag google_serp_features wraps all the Google SERP features available in the search. In this case, Carousel, Answer Box, Top Stories, Video Box, and Paid Results.

Google for Jobs


Google for Jobs SERP Feature report is available with an API method. The tag google_for_jobs contains the position number, Location (job_line1, job_line2), and the 3 top jobs results (job_results) with title (job_title), company (job_company), and the Job source (job_source) where the job is listed.



Carousel SERP Feature results are listed in the carousel tag which can have different carousel_types and the carousel_results listed inside.

Knowledge Panel


Knowledge Panel SERP Feature could be found under the knowledge_panel tag with kp_title and kp_subtitle within.

Answer Box


Answer Box SERP Feature is listed under the answer_box tag with different ab_types (Related Questions, people also search for, Featured Snippet, and more). Each answer box has a position number and items listed with title, URL, and description when available. There might be a few types of Answer boxes grouped within the answer_boxes tag. Yhere are many types of answer box SERP features that are listed at the beginning of this documentation.  Below you will find a few examples from that list:

Featured Snippet:

Related Questions:

People also search for:



Image Box SERP Feature could be found under the image tag with position number and image_results listed with URL for each result.

Top Stories


Top Stores SERP Feature is listed within the top_stories tag with its position number and the top_stories_results list with the title, URL, and source for each result.

Local Pack


Local Pack SERP Feature is listed under the local_pack tag with the position number list of local_pack_results that contains title and extra.

Hotel Pack


Hotel Pack SERP Feature is listed under the hotels_pack tag with the position number list of hotel_results that contains the title and the rating.

Video Box


Video Box SERP Feature contains a list of videos location in the video_box tag with the position number. Each video contains the title, URL, and user

Product Listing Ads


Product Listing Ads SERP Feature is a list of products (pla_result) with title, URL, shop, and price located within the product_listing_ads tag with its position (top/bottom).

Paid Results


Paid Results SERP Feature is a list of paid_results with their title, URL, description (desc), and location (top/bottom).

Apps Box


Apps Box SERP Feature is a list of three apps, which is only available for mobile search.

Discover More Places


Discover more places SERP Feature is a list of three places each listed under the place tag with a title for each place.

Things to know


Things to know SERP Feature is a list of three things each listed under the ttn_key, and the ttn_value.

Rich Cards


Rich Cards SERP Feature is a list of three cards each listed under the card with the title and the URL.

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