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Report Presets

Report Presets allow you to save a personalized version of a report or graph, and create additional versions with different metrics, variables and styles of that report or graph for the same campaign.

The Preset feature is available in any report or graph displaying this icon

Report Presets List

Add New Preset


Save Data & Design Settings

After you've made all your rank data & metric selections and design settings, and are ready to save your report or graph, hover over the Preset box icon in the upper right toolbar and click Add New Preset to add the current report or graph as a new preset.

Presets Toolbar

Name the New Preset

Enter a Name for the new Preset and click the Save button.

The Preset Name should be easily identifiable with the campaign and/or metric combination because the name and quick link will display in your account-wide Report Presets list in addition to the Preset hover menu.

Enter a Preset Name

Unique Preset Name

The Preset Name you enter must be unique, if you enter a name used for another Preset for this campaign and report type, you will receive an error message indicating "Preset with this name already exists. Existing preset will be overwritten".

If your intention is to overwrite an existing Preset then you may click the Save button, otherwise enter a different name.

Preset Name error

Public & Private Presets

Multiple User Report & Graph Presets

If your account has the multiple sub-user feature:
  • Account owner can create, overwrite and delete Public Presets (created through the account owner login)
  • Account owner can access, overwrite and delete all Private Presets (created through various sub-user logins)
  • Sub-User can create, overwrite and delete only their own Private Presets and access all Public Presets, but cannot overwrite or delete Public Presets

Public & Private Presets 

Presets List

Report Presets

You can access a full list of all Presets created in your account by clicking the Add-ons button and selecting Report Presets

This list can be filtered by Campaign and Report type.

Report Presets List

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