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BETA Blitz 2018
A whole new set of SEO tools to help you deal
with the challenges you face TODAY

Rank Insights

Includes 7 new analytic reports

Rank Fluctuations

No more staring at a table of rankings not knowing where to start. Our Fluctuations report brings your attention to opportunities and risks in your campaign so you can take action – which keywords are unstable and may drop off page one, which keywords are improving and with an extra push can be all-stars, which keywords may be suffering from internal cannibalization & much more.

SERP Features

With Google’s new SERP features pushing organic results down, getting more visibility on the SERP is crucial. That’s why we’ve developed an in-depth SERP feature report to help you increase your visibility with both organic and non-organic SERP features

Featured Snippets

Featured Snippets can be a great way to leapfrog to the top of the SERP. Find out how you stack up against the competition and discover which organic positions on aggregate is Google taking Featured Snippets from. Set out to obtain more snippets by analyzing the detail report with a breakdown of all the keywords triggering Featured Snippets, the “winning” landing pages and their organic positions.

Above The Fold

With the growth of Google’s SERP features, the name of game is no longer just organic rank, but visibility on the SERP. This revolutionary report tells you which organic positions in your campaign are above the fold and which are not. For some keywords, position 3 may be below the fold whereas for others position 6 may be above the fold. This valuable insight helps you prioritize your SEO efforts to focus on keywords that will drive the most traffic.

Search Console

The Search Console report presents your keyword rank side by side with the impressions, clicks, CTR and position data for that same keyword as reported by Google Search Console. Use this data to identify landing pages with high rank needing meta tag optimization to improve low CTR rates.

Meta Tags

Find out how Google is displaying your meta data on the SERP. A site audit can alert you to webpages with titles and descriptions that are too long or too short, but our Meta Tag report tells you the actual lengths of your pages on the SERP itself.

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Site Explorer

A whole new suite of competitor analysis and research tools
Organic Keywords Icon

Organic Keywords

The ultimate competitor research tool which gives you valuable information about any website: which keywords it is ranking for and the landing page for each, keyword difficulty scores, estimated traffic the website is receiving per keyword, available SERP features and more.
Organic Keywords

Organic Pages Icon

Organic Pages

Take a look under the hood of your competitor’s website using our Organic Pages Report. You get access to a comprehensive list of the pages on your competitors’ websites that are ranking organically. Analyze the competition’s landing pages that are ranking organically so you can build 10x content that will out rank them. This information is a veritable goldmine for your SEO and content creation teams.
Organic Pages

Organic Competitors Icon

Organic Competitors

Find out who the top organic competitors of any website are and how many organic keywords does each competitor rank for. Discover how many of the keywords the websites have in common and how many are unique.
Organic Competitors
Paid Keywords Icon

Paid Keywords

Get an inside look at the Google Ads being run by any website with the Paid Keywords report.

Review the keywords they are targeting, analyze their ad copy and examine their PPC landing pages.
Paid Keywords

Paid Pages Icon

Paid Pages

Wouldn’t you want to analyze your competitors’ PPC landing pages to get some insights for your own?

Well that’s exactly what you get with our Paid Pages report. In addition, you get access to other valuable metrics such as the page’s rank, the number of keywords the page ranks for organically, the top organic keyword etc.
Paid Pages

Paid Competitors Icon

Paid Competitors

Discover who are the top advertisers competing with any website on Google Ads.

View the total number of keywords they’re running ads for. See how many of those keywords are common to the domain you searched for and its competition and compare that with the PPC keywords that are unique to each site.
Paid Competitors

Ad Viewer Icon

Ad Viewer

The Ad Viewer report lets you generate a comprehensive report of the ads any website is running on Google Ads. Check out their ad copy and formulate your own ideas.
Ad Viewer

Keyword Research Tools

Related Keywords
Each keyword idea includes the average monthly search volume, keyword difficulty score, average CPC and relevance level to the search term.

Featured Snippets are driven by and large by questions (explicit or implicit) that users ask on Google. Get myriad suggestions for questions related to the keyword you queried.

Related Topics
Giving you keyword ideas which are a broad match to the keyword you’re researching. This can give you ideas for new related sections on your website or related topics that can be mentioned in an article you’re writing.

Keyword Finder
Over 500 million keywords at your disposal with powerful search filters allowing you to narrow down the results to find what you’re looking for. Includes special quick filters: short-tail, long-tail, popular, competitive & questions.

Keyword Lists
Easily create keyword lists with the keywords you’ve chosen, and then add them to any campaign.

Keyword Research Tools

Site Audit

A built-in SEO audit tool for websites

Site Audit
Site Audit Icon 1

Comprehensive Reports

Built-in Site Auditor provides you with comprehensive reports on technical, content, indexing & performance issues.

Site Audit Icon 2

Exclusive Checklist Feature

The Site Auditor includes an exclusive feature to check off the issues you’ve resolved. No more wondering which issues you’ve already solved and which ones remain to be fixed.

Site Audit Icon 3

Comparison Report

Compare the results of any two crawls to keep track of your overall progress solving issues. It’s an excellent way to show your clients (or the boss) the great job you’re doing. Add the report to a PDF or marketing dashboard with two clicks of the mouse.

More Features, More Possibilities

Rank Insights Reports
Discover unseen opportunities & risks
SERP Feature Toolbox
Giving you a holistic, page-level perspective
Comprehensive Site Explorer
Gain valuable organic & PPC intelligence
Advanced Keyword Research Suite
Easy to use, built on a huge database