The State of the SERP 2018

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As the Google SERP continues to evolve at a rapid pace we undertook a sweeping analysis of the features found on it. The goal was to present a comprehensive understanding of how Google currently relates to the SERP and how it uses its SERP features to effectuate that relationship. To do this, we evaluated the Google SERP from multiple vantage points. Among them:

  • SERP features behavior on desktop relative to mobile
  • The volatility and stability of SERP feature display levels
  • Google's tendencies when pairing specific SERP features together
  • Niche-specific Featured Snippet behavior
  • Google's treatment of URLs within the Featured Snippet
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At this juncture, and as the SEO community has so frequently noted, Google's SERP features have become a far more formidable source of competition. With the SERP laden with special features, it is increasingly harder to garner organic traffic. For these reasons, we drafted the State of the SERP 2018.

We hope that search marketers will be able to use the information presented within the State of the SERP 2018 to become more aware of where their sites stand on the Google SERP. Of course, the ultimate aim of this whitepaper is to offer search marketers the diverse set of insights needed to be able to craft an effective SEO strategy.

As a result of Rank Ranger's State of the SERP 2018 whitepaper you will be able to:

  • Determine which SERP features demand a unique strategy on mobile
  • Know which features may present a fair amount of instability
  • Identify the true impact of scoring a given SERP feature by knowing Google's tendency to place other features on the same SERP
  • Discover the average rank position needed to win a Featured Snippet at the niche level

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