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It is common knowledge these days that if you don't control your brand online, someone else will. Competitors, dissatisfied customers, disgruntled ex-employees and news media have more opportunity than ever before to push negative or slanderous content into a brand's top search engine results.

Rank Ranger's Reputation Management tools can help you track search engine rankings of web pages that you've determined are producing positive, neutral or negative impact to a brand and its reputation. Monitor daily, weekly and monthly SERP changes as you work to push only positive brand messages into the top search result positions.

Daily SERP Tracking

We track the top 100 ranking results on both the major search engines - Bing, Google, Google Places & Yahoo - and more unique search engines like Alexa, Atlas, Baidu, Senzam, Yandex, YouTube & more

Providing access to data from more than 400 local and international search engines, Rank Ranger makes it possible to obtain SERP tracking reports on over 100 countries.

White Label PDF Reports

Embed your logo in Rank Ranger's easy to build White Label PDF Reports. Featuring customizable cover pages and layouts, inclusion of multiple sub-reports, text boxes for comments and linked table of contents, these impressive reports can be scheduled to automatically deliver to specific email addresses on a weekly or monthly basis.

Rank Tracker Report

White Label Client Dashboard

Do you have hands-on clients who prefer to work in the cloud? Add your logo to our White Label Portal, select the reports you want your customer to see and provide them with their own personal and customized portal to our system.

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Reporting & Graphs

Rank Ranger's Online Reputation Management (ORM) Dashboard is where you'll begin your experience, but that's certainly not the end! We think you'll agree that our wide variety of fully customizable Tracking, Research and Analytical SEO reports and graphs are the best.
Connect your Google Analytics account to your reputation management campaign and you can mix the Traffic into this graph. Select the Google Algorithm updates and Events or Notes options and your graph will include trend lines demonstrating the impact of the update or action.

Interface with Google Analytics

Learn more about the correlation between your keyword traffic, organic rankings and PPC campaigns by interfacing your Google Analytics account with your Rank Ranger campaigns.

Alerts & Notifications

Want to be notified whenever a keyword or URL you're tracking changes position? It's simple to set up an Alert in Rank Ranger.

Events & Notes

Insert action notes or events in your reputation management campaigns to track efforts taken to improve search engine results. Then integrate them into your reports and graphs to demonstrate the impact each has had on improving the brand's online reputation.

Export Historical Data

Export month-by-month historical account data and/or view and export rankings reports for a specific date with daily / weekly / monthly changes. Many report views are available including overall performance, averages, monthly snapshot and detailed daily snapshot of rankings for a specific time period.

Improve ORM Project Management

Managing multiple people working on different customers' online reputation? Collaborate more easily and increase productivity by providing your team members with their own login to your account. Accurately measure your team's ORM efforts by simply creating sub-users with role-based permissions.


Rank Ranger's tracking data is available via our API in XML format for customization and integration into your web or mobile application or platform. Review our full methods list here.