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Google Analytics Tool

Google Analytics is an online freemium website analytics service. Google Analytics reports on web traffic and can track and report on goal completion such as online purchases and newsletter signups if the appropriate tracking script is installed on the website. Google Analytics can also provide PPC reports if a person connects their Google Ads account to their Google Analytics account.
Set up Google Analytics

What is the main purpose of Google Analytics? 

The main purpose of Google Analytics is to analyze your website traffic. This data can then be used to improve your traffic or conversions by editing your website whether by changing your content, your site's UI, creating new pages, or deleting old ones.

Is Google Analytics free to use?


Google Analytics is a freemium tool. For the majority use cases, it is free. For marketers who want special benefits, they can subscribe to Google Analytics 360, a subscription service with additional features. As of now, pricing starts at $150,000/year.

What can you do with Google Analytics?


Google Analytics can be used to view your analytics data to see how your site is performing, view reports on how users are interacting with your site, and filter and organize the data for more nuance that better suits your needs. For a full list of features see here.

Is Google Analytics a DMP (Data Management Platform)?


In some respects, Google Analytics has DMP functionalities but is not a full-fledged DMP. However, the premium version of Google Analytics, Analytics 360, is considered a DMP.

Why is Google Analytics so important?


The data in Google Analytics can be vital to a website's future. Knowing more about your audience, your traffic, and your top landing pages are the first steps to further improve a website, without which you will be in the dark with regards to knowing where to improve.

How do I set up Google Analytics?


To cover each step in detail is beyond our scope, but in short, you need to create an Analytics property and to create and add a tracking code to your website so Google Analytics can start tracking your website's data. See Google's documentation on How to Get Started with Google Analytics.

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