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YouTube keyword rank tracking tool

Rank tracking is essential for anyone who wants to increase the views of their YouTube videos. Rank Ranger's rank tracker allows you to monitor the daily keyword ranking of your videos on YouTube's search engine as well as on Google's web and video search.

Rank reporting for YouTube videos was once challenging due to their url format that lacks any relationship to the video title, but Rank Ranger's URL-tagging feature turns YouTube's URLs into easily identifiable data in video rank tracking reports.

YouTube Keyword Optimization & Tracking Tools

A video's rank on YouTube is influenced by many factors. One significant factor is the choice of keywords in the video's title and description and the list of relevant keywords chosen for the video. So it pays to do some keyword research and competitor analysis before uploading a video.

Rank Ranger includes keyword research tools that provide you with valuable keyword suggestions and help you monitor the popularity of the keywords you are tracking.

YouTube Keyword Optimization
monitor YouTube campaign progress

After optimizing all the elements of your videos, you can monitor their progress with a large selection of tracking reports and graphs. In addition, you can integrate the analytics for your YouTube channels, videos and playlists with the keyword ranking, Ads and other reports so that you can monitor the success of your marketing and SEO efforts and adjust them as necessary.

Rank Ranger's software makes it easy to track your YouTube ranking and that of your websites' with its customizable, white label reports. Get these top notch SEO tools so you can maximize your results.