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Market Share

The Analytics Market Share report displays the complete market share analysis for your primary domain for the selected keywords.

Important! To view the Market Share report Google Analytics must be configured correctly (please refer to our Google Analytics documentation).

This report has been moved to the Add-ons > Legacy section and will be deprecated at some point in the future, because we have created a much better solution for you.  Please use the Marketing KPI report instead.

Analytics Market Share

Understanding the Report Matrix

Bounce Rate Bounce Rate Represents the percentage of initial visitors to a site who "bounce" away to a different site, rather than continue on to other pages within the same site. 
Bounce Rate = Total number of visits viewing only one page / Total number of visits
Competitors Traffic Competitors Traffic Displays the estimated traffic that passes to your competitors.
Competitors´╗┐ traffic = Global traffic - Your traffic.
Global Traffic Global Traffic Displays the estimated traffic for the specified keyword.  The data is based on the "exact" global monthly searches published by the search engines.
Keyword Keyword Displays the monitored keyword.
Market Share Market Share
Displays the percentage or proportion of the total available market that your website reaches.
Market Share = (Your traffic / Global traffic) x 100.
Month Month
Displays the month from the selected time frame.
Keyword Keyword Displays monitored keyword.
Monthly Monthly Rank Change
Displays the monthly rank change.
Organic Visits Organic Visits Displays the amount of traffic generated by organic search results. This information is taken from Google Analytics.
PPC Visits Pay Per Click Visits Displays the amount of traffic generated by PPC results. This information is taken from Google Analytics.
Your Traffic Your Traffic Displays the sum of your organic visits and PPC visits..

Report Options

Select Dates


  • Select From & To Dates
Enter report title

General Settings:

  • Enter Custom Report Title (optional)
Select Keywords


  • Select the keywords you want included in the report.
  • Click the Show button.

Please refer to the Report Toolbar and Track tab sections of Navigating Rank Ranger for additional information regarding report views, data export, adding this report to an existing White Label PDF report and more.

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