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Keyword Checker Tool

The Keyword Checker Tool is a quick tool to search for a targeted keyword(s) in the Google Search Query - the live application of keywords used by Google searchers in the paid or organic search. The data is collected for all the domains ranked for the specified keyword(s) and the Search Engine. 

The Search Query units are used based on the monthly subscription. Each keyword targeted for every report is considered as a unit, even if few reports have used the same keyword(s). For example, the same keyword "toys" was used in 3 generated reports, the calculated units used are equals to 3. 

The generated reports are run using Rank Ranger API and are saved in your In-Browser DB and are removed at clearing browsing history cache such as "Cookies and other site data" or can be manually Deleted from the Report List. 

keyword checker tool

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Generating Keyword Report

Checking the Keywords
The Full Keyword(s) report generated by the Keyword Checker Tool collects the following data:
  • List of requested Keyword(s)
  • List of URLs ranked for the targeted keyword(s)
  • Title of the listed URLs
  • Description of the listed URLs
  • Rank Position for each targeted keyword(s)
  • SERP Features list the keyword(s) scored for

To generate a report
  1. Click on the +New Report button in the Keyword Checker Tool and 
  2. Fill out Report Name
  3. Choose an API Key (+Add Key if none listed. Make sure to choose your username for a newly generated API key)
  4. Choose Search Engine Country 
  5. Choose Search Engine
  6. Specify City, State, or zip code(Optional) - to narrow the search
  7. Add the Keyword(s) (one keyword per line)
  8. Click Run

The process will take several minutes, depending on the number of keywords entered and its status will be Pending until the Search Query data is ready. Once it's ready the Status will change to Ready and the Action column will have an option to Run Report or Delete the Report.
To continue to the report click on Run Report, where you can proceed to either filtering the report by specific domain or downloading the full data (see below instructions). In order to remove a report from the Report List click on the Delete link.

keyword checker tool full report

Full Keyword Report

To obtain the Full report, Run Report from the report list and then click on the Export Full Keyword(s) Results button and choose the folder where you would like to download the CSV file.

keyword checker tool full report
This report contains the full Search Query data:

keyword checker tool export full report

Filtered Keyword Report

To display the report for a specific domain(s), Run Report from the report list and enter the domain into the input field and click the magnifying glass.
The report can include up to 5 domains. To add another domain click Add Domain button and to remove click the X button next to the domain input field. This option is intended to check the competitor's keyword rank position and SERP Features scores.

keyword checker tool filter report
The filtered report will display below the domain filtration search with the list of keywords, their rank position, SERP Features scored and the domain requested:

keyword checker tool filtered report

The filtered report can be exported as well by clicking the Export to CSV button or copied as text by clicking the Copy to Clipboard button. The exported/copied report will contain the same data as displayed in the filtered report.

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