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Keyword Finder Research Tool

Keyword Finder is a robust keyword research tool powered by a huge data set (in the billions). Its wide ranging filtering and sorting features allow you to obtain the specific results you need for targeting your audience.

When you've refined the list, you can export it to PDF, CSV or Excel for further work, including adding keywords to rank tracking.

Keyword Finder

Filter and Sort Options

Feature Rich

Keyword Finder Filters         

Refine results by specifying Keyword, Search Volume, Average CPC, Character Count, and/or Word Count defined parameters:
  • Contains
  • Does Not Contain
  • Starts With
  • Ends With
Limit results to display only those that are:
  • Popular Search Terms: search volume must be a minimum of 3000
  • Questions: keywords that are in the form of a question (e.g., when is off-season for travel?)
Select additional filters based on:
  • Highly Competitive CPC: keywords that have an average CPC of more than $2.00
  • Less Competitive CPC: keywords that have an average CPC of $2.00 or less
  • Short Tail word count: contain 4 or less keywords
  • Long Tail word count: contain more than 4 keywords
Sort results by:
  • Relevancy
  • Average CPC
  • Search Volume
  • Keyword
  • Word Count
  • Character Count

Search Parameters

Keyword Finder Filters

Aggregate Keyword Report

The Big Picture

keyword finder aggregate report

We know that it's important when doing SEO to have access to the big picture regarding how a specific keyword fits into the data for all related keywords and that's why each keyword query you run in the Keyword Finder provides the following aggregate metrics:
  • Search Traffic: total search volume for all the variations of the keyword in the results
  • Traffic Range:  the span of search volume for all the keyword variations
  • Volume Distribution: number of keywords by search volume grouping
  • Traffic Cost: the cumulative CPC cost of all the keyword variations
  • CPC Range: the span of average cost per click for all the keyword variations
  • Word Count Distribution: the number of keywords by word count

Keyword Finder Results

In this example, we have an unfiltered report for the search term sorted by relevancy. 

Keyword Finder report

Filtered for Long Tail Keywords that are in Question format
By filtering the report to display only Questions that are long tail keywords, the original 50,000+ results are reduced to 5,851. By adding the sort by Search Volume in descending order, it is easier to analyze the best keywords to optimize in the page content.

keyword finder filtered for questions long tail

Filtered for Popular Search Terms
In this report, the original results of more than 50,000 keywords have been filtered to display only popular search terms (keywords with search volume of at least 3000), resulting in 315 keywords

Keyword Finder filtered by popular results

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