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Language Translation Suggestions

Having a multilingual staff ourselves, we understand that people are most comfortable working in their native language and so we provide a language suggestion tool that you can use to submit a translation of words and SEO terminology. Our team will review your suggestions and notify you when they have been approved and added to Rank Ranger so you can work and generate reports in your preferred language, and that of your customers. 

Suggestions can be made on-screen or by downloading and completing the translation spreadsheet for the desired language.   

If you don't see your language in the menu of available translations, please contact and ask us to add it.

Language suggestion tool

On-Screen Translation Instructions

Open Translation Mode

Enter Translation Mode:

  • Hover over the language selector
  • Select Translation Mode
Translation Mode

Translation Mode:

  • Click on any yellow highlighted text that you would like to translate
Select Language

Language Translation Suggestion:

  • Select the language you want to translate to
  • If there is already a translation of the English text in Rank Ranger for your selected language, it will display in the Current Translation field
Enter suggested translation

Complete Translation Fields:

  • Enter Your Suggestion for a translation for the current English text.
  • Enter any comments you want us to consider (e.g., if we are displaying a translation of the English text in the Current Translation field and you believe your translation is more accurate, please comment about that).
  • Click the Save button when you are finished.
You may translate as many of the yellow highlighted texts as you'd like by repeating these steps.
Exit Translate Mode

Exit Translation Mode:

  • When you are finished translating phrases, click the Exit Translate Mode link below the language selector.


Download a Translation File


Access Translation Suggestions Tool

If you prefer to download and complete a translation file in a CSV compatible program (e.g., Excel, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, OfficeSuite Pro, Microsoft Notepad, etc.), simply hover over the language selector in any of the reports and click Suggestions.  

Translation Suggestions Status screen

Download Translation File

Locate the language you want to translate and click the down arrow to download the CSV file.
Download a Translation Suggestion File

Open the file and enter your translation suggestions for the English Text.

Save the file in CSV format and attach it to an email addressed to

Submit Translation Suggestions via Excel

Translation Suggestion Status


Check the Status of Your Translation Suggestions

We will send you an email when your suggestions have been approved and added to Rank Ranger, however, if you're curious about your translations as well as those submitted by others, you can access the tool by hovering over the language selector in any of the reports and clicking Suggestions.  Then scroll to the desired language and click the translation button.

Access Online Translation Status

View Status

A table displays the English Text, Current Translation, and Suggestion History. Words that translations have been submitted for display an Expand/Collapse button.  Click the Expand button to view the status of the suggested translation and any comments.

Your Translation has been approved

Search Language Translation Suggestions

You can search the status of a specific word or an entire language by selecting the language, entering the word, and selecting Yes or No in the Translation Exists field, then click the Search button. 
Search for a translated word

Translation Search Results

Similar to the Translation Suggestion status screen, search results provide English Text, Current Translation, and Suggestion History based on your search criteria.
Translation Search Results

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