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SEOquake Toolbar Integration

Integration with SEOquake allows you to see if a link on a website already exists in your Rank Ranger account.

After installing SEOquake in your browser, click the Reports&Tools > Link Manager tab and select SEOquake Toolbar Addon under Tools.
SEOQuake Integration
Add Rank Ranger parameters to SEOquake:
  1. Open SEOquake > Preferences > Parameters tab
  2. Click the New button
  3. On Rank Ranger's Links > SEOquake Toolbar Addon screen, select the API Key you want to use and copy the Link Status (Page) code into the Create Parameters box
  4. Click the OK button
  5. Click the New button
  6. Copy the Link Status (Domain) code into the Create Parameters box and click the OK button
Depending on which browser you're using, you might need to close and reopen your browser before you can see the SEO Toolbar.  Please refer to the SEOQuake Guide for assistance with installation and setting preferences in their software.

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