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Manage Tag Groups

The Tag Manager feature allows you to define Tag Groups and their available options for better keyword organization and conformity across all campaigns.

Tag Groups and Tag Options should be entered in lower case in both the screen and when bulk importing tags.

Tag Manager is an account-wide feature that must be enabled in Account > Default Tool Settings > Tag Manager

Tag Manager

Enable Tag Manager

Tag Manager is Enabled or Disabled in the Account > Default Tool Settings screen.

Enable Tag Manager

  • Open the Default Tool Settings screen and scroll to and click on the Tag Manager section
  • Select Enable (Tag Manager)
  • Select the desired Tag Rule: when Tag Manager is enabled, users can select predefined tags and define new tags unless Predefined Tags Only is selected
  • Click the Save button

Enable Tag Manager

Add Tag Group

Customize Tag Groups in Tools > Tag Manager
  • Open the Tools > Tag Manager screen
  • Click the Add Tag Group button
  • Enter a Group Name
  • Enter a Group ID (optional)
  • Select Required or Not Required (if the Group is set to Required, then an item from this group must be assigned to keywords).

Add Tag Group

Tag Group Required

If Required is selected during the creation or editing of a Tag Group, then in the Campaign Settings > Keywords screen users will see a red warning icon indicating that a "Missing Required Tag Group: Group Name(s)" need to be added to the keyword.

Tag Group Required

Add Tag Options Individually

There are several options for adding Tag Options: individual, multiple keywords/same tag  or via bulk import.

Add individual Tag Group Options

  • Click the edit (pencil) icon corresponding to the Tag Group you want to add options to.
  • Enter an Option Value
  • Enter an Option ID (optional)
  • Click the Add button
  • Repeat to add more tag options to the group and click the Save button when finished.

Add Tag Group Option

Bulk Import Tag Options

Download Example File

Click the Download Example File link below the Tag Groups table and save to your computer.
Bulk Import Tag Groups

Enter the Tag Options Data
  • Open the spreadsheet
  • Enter the name(s) of Tag Groups you have previously created
  • Enter the Tag Option name
  • Enter a Tag Option ID (optional)
  • Save the file

Tag Options Import File

Upload the Tag Group Options File
  • Return to the Tag Manager screen and click the Upload button that is beside the Download Example File link.
  • Click the Choose File button
  • Locate and select the file on your computer
  • Click the Upload button
Upload Tag Options

Successful Tag Group Options Import

An Import Status message displays information regarding the success of your import. If an error occurred, follow the instructions in this message.
Successful Tag Options Import

Tag Manager: Individually Add Tags to Keywords

There are 2 options for adding tags to keywords: individually or via bulk import.

Individually Add Tags to Keywords
  • In the Campaign Settings > Keywords screen, click the + button in the Tags column.
  • Select a Tag Group
  • Type the Tag Option, if the option you are typing exists in the selected Tag Group, the field will autocomplete and provide the list of all tag options, select the desired option.
  • Click the Add button and the tag will display in the tag column.

Add Tags to Keywords

Bulk Options

To add the same tag to multiple keywords:
  • Check the box beside the keywords
  • Scroll down to the Bulk Options for Selected Keywords section
  • Select the Tag Group
  • Enter the Tag Option name
  • Click the Add button

Add multiple tags

Tag Option Does Not Exist

If you attempt to add a Tag Option that does not exist in the selected Tag Group, an error message displays indicating that you need to consult with the Account Manager. If you are the Account Manager or have user permissions to manage tags, then you should open Tag Manager and confirm the Tag Options for the selected group.

Tag Option does not exist

Bulk Import Keyword Tags

Download Example File

In the Campaign Settings > Keywords screen, scroll down to Bulk Import or Update Keyword Data section and click the Download Example File link and save the file to your computer.

Download Keyword Import file

Enter the Keyword Tags Data
  • keyword column: enter the Keywords
  • tags column: if Tag Manager is Enabled, enter in tags in this format:
    tag group name: tag option name
    For example, if your tag group is ads and tag option is adwords, you would enter ads: adwords
    If you want to add multiple tags to 1 keyword, place a comma between them, for example:
    ads: adwords,ads: yahoo ads
  • volume column: if you know the local keyword volume for the keyword, you may enter it in this column to replace the global volume that Rank Ranger reports
  • Save the file to your computer

Enter keyword tags

Upload the Keyword Tags File

  • Return to the Campaign Settings > Keywords screen and click the Upload button beside the Download Example File link.
  • Click the Choose File button
  • Locate and select the file on your computer
  • Click the Upload button
  • Review the keyword and tag data: check the boxes of the keywords & tags you want to import
    If the keywords already exist in the campaign, you can check the Delete and replace existing Tags option, as well as the replace existing Search Volume (if applicable)
  • Click the Import button and confirm that tags imported as you expected.

Import Keyword Tags

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