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TikTok Search Engine Setup

While Tiktok is not a "classic" search engine, it is a social media app capable of handling searches while providing short answers in its search results. With that in mind, we have added TikTok as a search engine option to our search engine list reporting the top 12 results. The tracking can be done with the help of our Global Target URL feature which has to be set up by adding a list of Target URLs.  Once the proper setup is completed, the keywords rank data associated with the Targeted URL will display in the reports.

Setup Steps:
  • Create a campaign
  • Add Search Engine
  • Add Target URL list

TikTok Search Engine


Create a campaign

The first step is to create a campaign, which could be achieved following the steps:
  1. Go to Campaigns and click on the +Add Campaign button

    Add a new campaign

  2. In the General Settings of a new campaign:
    1. Enter a desired name into the Campaign Name input field
    2. Enter into the Website Address input field
    3. Click Save
    Add a new campaign

Add Search Engine

The next step is to add a TikTok Search Engine which only exists in the United States and only for the Desktop device
  1. Make sure the United States is selected under the Country dropdown
  2. Click on the Search Engine dropdown and scroll to TikTok ( search engine
  3. Click the Add button

  4. Add TikTok search engine

Add Target URL

For instructions on how to add a keyword, a list of keywords, or to import keywords in bulk, please go to the Add Keywords to Campaign documentation for instructions. 
Once the keywords are added, you are ready to set up the Target URL(s). This could be done for all keywords at once or one URL per keyword depending on how you want to track your keywords.

The detailed instructions and options on how to add the Target URL could be followed in the Target URL documentation or follow the instructions below for the Global Target URL setup for all the keywords in the campaign:
  1. In the Campaign Setup > Keywords screen scroll to Bulk Import Or Update Keywords section
  2. Click on Target URLs
  3. Turn ON the Track Target URL(s) Only toggle
  4. Enter Target URL(s) one per line and click Add
    The following is the suggested option for the URL to be entered for the TikTok Tracking
    Note: In the below examples, all mentions of @user_name must be replaced by the actual user, and the video number mentioned in Option (3) must be replaced by the actual video number
    1.* (To track all the videos in the user account specified under @user_name)
      A symbol * representation of the wild cards which means anything after the URL specified before the star (in this case anything after /video/)
    2.* (To track all for the specified user account)
    3. (To track a specific video. Make sure to add a full path of the video to be tracked)
  5. Click the Back button which will bring you back to the Campaign > Keywords screen
  6. In the keywords table under the Target URLs column, you should see all of the target icons colored red
Whenever new keywords are added, the Target URL has to be reapplied by selecting either all the keywords or just new keywords and clicking the Apply button under the Apply Global Target URLs that are located under the BULK OPTIONS FOR SELECTED KEYWORDS section of the Campaign > Keywords page.

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