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View Invoices

Invoice history and details for each month that your Rank Ranger account has had an active package are available in the Account > View Invoices screen with options to print and download.


Access Invoice History

Access Invoices by clicking the person icon in the upper right corner and select View Invoices, or click Account Overview and scroll down to View Invoices.

View Invoices

Print or Export Invoices

Click the printer icon to print an invoice or PDF icon to download the invoice to a PDF file. 

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Sample Invoice

The customer information on the invoice is generated from the data entered in the Account Settings > Company Details screen. You can update that screen by clicking the Settings (gear) icon in the top right section of the screen, and then scrolling down to the Billing Section and click Company Details.  

view invoice

VAT/Tax Collection

If you chose the Credit Card payment option (instead of PayPal), your subscription payment is collected by, a third party payment processor.  BlueSnap may collect VAT/tax for your subscription and submit it to the appropriate tax authority based on the laws of the country that your payment initiates from. The invoices in our system do not include VAT/Tax amounts because Rank Ranger LLC is not involved in the tax collection or filing.

BlueSnap sends receipts for every payment to the email address that you register with them when making the initial payment. Their invoice/receipts contain the tax breakdown and should therefore be the invoices that you use for tax purposes.

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