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Why are my white label PDF Reports not being delivered?

PDF Report Delivery Issue

Rank Ranger's automated White Label PDF Reports are sent out on a schedule based on the settings you select, however, it is possible that your message could be blocked by your recipient or their email service provider.

Possible Reasons for Clients Not Receiving Reports:
 Spam Detected
  • Too many emails have been sent with the same subject or content.
  • Too many messages sent too often from the same email address.
Blocked by Client Email Hosting Provider
  • Client has manually blocked your email address; ask them to whitelist the email address your reports are sent from (i.e. the one selected in the PDF report settings) and *
 Junk Mailbox
  • Client did receive your message, but it was routed by their email program to the Junk Mail folder; ask them to check and if they find it in their junk folder, they should use their software's option to route all future messages from that email address to their inbox.

What you can do...

To reduce the chances of your messages being flagged as spam:
  • Use the Personalized Mail Content option (refer to the Email Settings section of White Label PDF Reports documentation)
  • Enter a Personalized Subject line when you set up each report
  • Schedule automated PDF reports to go to the same recipient no more than once a week, and add multiple reports and graphs to one White Label PDF Report rather than sending multiple emails each period.
  • Add a different "from" email address (e.g., an address at your domain) in the White Label section of your Account Localization Settings, but refrain from using generic addresses that begin with admin@, mail@, info@, etc.

Whitehat Email Service
Rank Ranger's automated PDF reports utilize SendGrid's email delivery platform because of their whitehat sender reputation and excellent service quality. SendGrid is the world's largest Email Infrastructure as a Service provider, delivering billions of emails every month for small, mid-sized, and large businesses.

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