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Comment spam

Comment spam refers to content posted in the comment section on blogs, forums, and other online forms by bots or blackhat advertisers. The comments are usually texts that are created randomly or repeated with the intent to propagate SEO links, advertising, or just spammy content.

How do you know if a comment is spam?


Here are four telltale signs that a blog comment is spam.

Commentor's Name

Does the name look normal or does it include keywords? If it contains keywords, it is almost certainly spam.

Email address

If the email address contains a string of random characters, like it's most likely spam. It is recommended to use an email checker to see if an email is genuine. 


Links that point to low-quality sites are spam.


If the language in the comment is generic and does not reference anything in the article it is most likely spam.

Why do blogs get spam comments?


The reason spammers leave comments on blog posts is they are looking to get backlinks pointing to their site in order to rank higher in search engines.

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