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Competitor Rankings

The Competitor Rankings report provides a summary of a total number of keywords grouped by page number the keywords ranked on (from Page 1 to Page 10, and Not Ranked as well). The report displays side by side the competitors' data for a selected Search Engine and tracked competitors.

Important: In order for the report to show the data for competitors, it is required to have competitors' domains be listed in Campaigns > Websites
Monthly Snapshot by Tag report
Reports & Tools > Organic Search > Competitor Analysis

Full Report

Monthly Snapshot by Tag Report
This report provides the domain and number page-based with a total of a number of keywords for each category. 

Monthly Snapshot by Tag report

Report Options

select dates


  • Report Dates: select the start and end dates

display options


  • Custom Report Title (optional): enter a Title to display at the top of the report.
select keywords


  • Select individual keywords that you want data included for in the report - this is optional, by selecting Tags below you don't need to select individual keywords unless you want to.
select keyword tags

Keyword Tags

  • Select the Tag(s) to filter the report by using the All or None link for quick selection or individually check the boxes beside the keyword tags to be included in the report.
  • Select a Tag Filter
    Contains at least one (OR): this option includes any of the selected tags
    Require all selected (AND): this option requires all of the selected keyword tags in order for the keyword data to display in the report.
Important: Refer to Tag Manager for more information about creating Tag Groups and options.
select website


  • Select the website(s) to be displayed in the report.
select search engines

Search Engines

  • Select the search engine(s) you want to be included in the report
  • Use the arrows to change the order in which the search engine tables display in the report.
Click the Apply Changes button

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