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API Campaign Export

The API Campaign Export tool is available for these Search Intelligence APIs:
SEO Intelligence Methods
Use this tool to easily export rank data by Tag Groups from multiple campaigns in your account.

Export format is your choice of one CSV file for each campaign or any number of campaigns in one CSV file delivered via compressed ZIP file.  Files are ready for download in 15 minutes to 24 hours depending upon the number of files and the queue at the time of your request.  Files remain available for download for 7 days from the time of request.

This API Campaign Export tool is located in the Tools > Utilities section of Rank Ranger.

API Rank Campaign Rank Export tool

Types of Export Data

Choose from these two export types:

Rank Snapshot includes:                                    
  • Campaign Name
  • Campaign Manager
  • Campaign Reference ID
  • Search Engine
  • Keyword
  • URL
  • Rank
  • Page Number
  • SERP Features
Tag Rank Snapshot includes for each Tag:
  • Campaign Name
  • Campaign Manager
  • Campaign Reference ID
  • Search Engine
  • URL
  • Total Monthly Traffic Volume
  • Number of Keywords Ranking in:
    Position 1
    Positions 1 - 3
    Positions 4 - 10
    Positions 1 - 10
    Positions 11 - 20
    Positions 21 - 30
    Positions 31 - 100
  • Total Keywords
  • Average Rank
  • Visibility Score

Export Settings

 Export Date

Click the Calendar icon and select the date that you want rank or domain metric data exported for.

Select export data date


Select the campaigns for which you want to export data.

Select Campaigns

Data Export Type

Select the Data Option type:
  • Tag Rank Snapshot
  • Rank Snapshot

Export Options: Rank Snapshot

Select export data typeExport Rank Snapshot

Select the Rank Snapshot Data Option

Select the File Option:
  • One CSV per campaign
Search Engine, Keyword, URL and Rank are included by default, select any additional display columns you want included in the report.
  • Campaign name
  • Campaign Manager
  • Campaign Reference ID
  • Page Number
  • SERP Features

Click the Export button.

Export Options: Tag Rank Snapshot

Select export data typeExport Tag Rank Snapshot

Select the Tag Rank Snapshot Data Option

Select the File Option:
  • One CSV per campaign
  • One CSV for all campaigns
Select Display Columns you want included in the report.  If Average Rank is selected you have the option to set Average Rank Rules:
  • to have Average Rank calculated differently than actual rank, enter a Rank Threshold number.
  • Then enter the Rank Value you want Rank Ranger to use for keyword rank that is higher than the Rank Threshold you've chosen. Keyword rank value will then be calculated based on the number you set in the Rank Value field.

    Enter 0 if you want the keyword ignored completely when calculating average rank.

    Leave the Threshold at its default value and Rank Value at 0 to have the actual rank value used in calculating Average Rank, this is our default method.

    In the screenshot, Rank Value is set at less than or equal to rank position 50, with a Rank Value of 51. This combination would cause all keywords ranking in position 51 or above to be counted in position 51 in the Average Rank calculation.

Click the Export button.

Export File Status and Download

Export File Status

Export file details, request date and status display in the table at the top of the screen.  File Status:
  • Pending: your request is in the queue
  • Processing: your request is being processed
  • Ready: your request is ready for you to download. Click the Download button in the Action column.  When finished you may click the Remove button to delete the file from our system, otherwise it will be automatically removed in approximately 7 days.

API Campaign Rank Export Status

The Download file is in compressed ZIP format, you can extract the individual CSV file(s) using utilities such as WinRAR, WinZip, 7-Zip, iZip, RAR Extractor, UnZip, etc. depending upon your operating system.

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