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LinkedIn Page Analytics

The LinkedIn Page Analytics report provides an overview of follower and reach trends, audience analysis and detailed post performance. This modular report allows for display of all or specific sections (refer to Report Options > Display settings), providing flexibililty in white label reporting. Sections include:
  • Social Account Header
  • Top Graph (with or without labels)
  • Followers Analysis
  • Reach Chart
  • Updates Table of the most recent page posts
Integrate your LinkedIn account with Rank Ranger and connect to the related rank tracking campaign to access this LinkedIn Page Analytics report.

LinkedIn Page Analytics report

Located in Reports > Social


Followers Gain / Loss

Top Graph for Trends Analysis
In the Report Options Date settings you may select to compare to past (the red line in this example) and in Social Analytics settings you may select one of these key metric for this graph:
  • Total Followers
  • Organic Followers
  • Aquired Followers             

top graph

Follower Analysis

Audience Demographics
In the Followers section, the report provides a breakdown of the following data for the LinkedIn users who are following your page:
  • Country Size
  • Seniority
  • Top Countries
  • Industry
  • Job Function
analysis of followers        


Page Post Reach
This Reach chart represents the number of times per day that your page updates were seen, both organically and through paid campaigns, on a daily basis. Note that dates are determined using GMT.  

Page post Reach

Recent Page Post Performance

Recent Updates
Included in this section:
  • Post date and time
  • Post image thumbnail (if applicable) and content snippet   
  • Number of Interactions with the post        
LinkedIn Page Post Performance        

Report Options

Select Date Range


  • Date: select a report date range
  • Compare to Past (optional): this setting applies only to the Top Graph section of the report. To enable the setting, check the box and select one of the options:
    • Previous Period
    • Calendar Month(s)
    • Same Time Last Year
    • Custom Date (and select the date range)
select Display Options


  • Custom Report Title (optional): enter the text you want displayed at the top of the report
  • Report Sections: enable or disable the view of the following sections:
    • Social Account Header (this is the logo thumbnail and page name as displayed on the LinkedIn page)
    • Top Graph: Followers Gain / Loss graph that displays at the top of the report
    • Graph Labels: show or hide the display of the metric numbers in the top graph
    • Followers Section: includes Company Size, Seniority, Top Countries, Industry and Function charts
    • Reach Chart: page post reach trends per day
    • Updates Table: includes date and time, post thumbnail and content snippet, and number of interactions
select top graph metric

Social Analytics

  • Select the Key Metric that you want applied to the Top Graph
    • Total Followers
    • Organic Followers
    • Acquired Followers

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