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Analytics: No Google Analytics Profiles

In Campaign Settings, when I try to connect Google Analytics why can't I see the list of Profiles in my Analytics account?

There are several possible explanations:
  • A Google Analytics account can only be authorized for 1 Rank Ranger account. If you have (or have had) more than one Rank Ranger account and the other account is still authorized with a Google Analytics connection for the same website(s), please contact customer service with the account names and we will assist in resolving the matter.
  • An individual website's Google Analytics account can only be connected to 1 Rank Ranger account. If you are experiencing an issue with one particular website, please contact customer service with the website URL and we will determine is another user has that same website connected to Google Analytics in Rank Ranger.
  • The website might not contain Google Analytics code. Open the home page, right click and select View Page Source. Then select Edit > Find and search for UA- to confirm the existence of Google Analytics code and obtain the Google Analytics profile number.
  • Acceptance of Google's default profile naming can be confusing, refer to Finding the Correct Google Analytics Profile section of the Connecting Google Analytics documentation. Google Analytics profiles are listed in our menu in alphabetical order, and if the profile name includes "www" then you will find it closer to the bottom of the selection menu.  For example, would be found near the top, but would be in the bottom section of the list.
  • Google Analytics limits the number of requests from an IP address for a domain each day. If you do not see a list of Profiles available then it could be that you/your team have exceeded that threshold today.
    Resolving this Issue:
    Try logging in from a different IP address or waiting until the next day and the issue should be resolved.
    Please contact us our service team if the issue is not resolved within 24 hours.

We also suggest that you log into the Google Analytics account that contains the website(s) and then click this link to determine if Rank Ranger has been fully authorized with permissions to access that particular Analytics account.

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