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Site Explorer Organic Keywords

Enter a domain URL, click the Search button and the Organic Keywords report offers a list of all the keywords that the website is ranking for in the top 100 Google organic search results. In addition to rank, insights at the keyword level include:
  • SERP features each keyword produces in Google search engine results
  • Average monthly search volume (Vol)
  • Keyword difficulty score (KD)
  • Average Cost per Click (Avg CPC)
  • Estimated Traffic
  • Ranked landing page URL (multiple per keyword, when more than one is ranking)
Aggregate data is also provided for the site at the top of the report.
Site Explorer Organic Keywords

Reports > Site Explorer > Organic Search


Exploring a Site's Organic Keywords

Site Explorer displaying aggregate data followed by individual keyword analysis
This view is the report's default settings. Clicking a landing page URL launches the Organic Keywords report for that specific page for discovery of the other keywords that page is ranking for.

Site Explorer Organic Keywords

Keyword Performance per Country

Organic Ranking Keywords 
When a site is ranking in more than one country, a ribbon of country flags displays directly below the search bar. Clicking a country flag launches an organic keyword analysis for the site's performance in that country. 

Display options

Multiple Ranked Landing Pages per Keyword

Sort by Keyword
Clicking the Keyword column heading sorts the report in alphabetical order. If more than one landing page has ranked for a keyword, then you'll see multiple rows in the report for that keyword. In this example, has 3 keywords on the first page of the report that ranked on page 1 for multiple landing pages. The Title Length and Description Length columns were set in Report Options to display in order to view a quick comparison of those metrics for these pages. For more in-depth analysis of a specific keyword, launch the Landing Page Monitor or SEO Monitor.

view multiple landing pages per keyword

Above the Fold & Featured Snippets

ATF and FS Rank
In this example, we enabled the display of the Above the Fold (ATF) and Featured Snippet Rank (FS Rank) columns.

Above the Fold is a new Rank Ranger metric that represents search results that display without scrolling down the page to be seen. When a keyword ranks in the top 3 positions and is not above the fold, then Featured Snippets and other SERP Features are usually the cause. Learn more in our Visual Guide to Google SERP Features.

Above the Fold and Featured Snippets

Position Distribution Widget

Number of Ranked Keywords per Rank Position
This colorful widget can be enabled in the Report Options > Display Settings to display at the top of the report (above the aggregate site data).
Site Explorer Organic Keywords Position Distribution

SERP Features Widget

SERP Features: Domain vs Global
This widget provides a list of Google SERP features that are linking to the domain, and a list of global SERP features that display in search results for the keywords that the site is ranking for. The number of keywords with the feature and percentage of all keywords are included to enhance analysis. To enable the display of this widget above the site's aggregate data, expand Report Options > Display settings.

Site Explorer Organic Keywords SERP Features widget

Report Options

Display options


Enable or disable the display of the following report features:

  • Position Distribution Widget
  • SERP Features Widget
  • Keyword Difficulty Score: a predictive score from 0 to 100 reflecting how difficult it would be to rank for the keyword vs. competitors.
  • SERP Above the Fold and Screen Resolution size for determining whether or not the site ranks above the fold
  • SERP Features icon column
  • Featured Snippet Rank
  • Title Length
  • Description Length
Results Per Page: select the number of results you want displayed per screen page

report options filters


  • Minimum Rank (optional): enter the minimum rank you want displayed in the report
  • Maximum Rank (optional): enter the maximum rank to display in the report
  • SERP Features (optional), select from:
    • Display All (this is the default)
    • Require all selected (AND)
    • Contains at least one (OR)
  • Domain is Featured: this is only available if the "Require all selected (AND)" is chosen

Apply Changes

  • After making any change in Report Options, you must click the Apply Changes button in order to implement the change in the report

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