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Target Rank Projected Traffic

The Target Rank Projected Traffic report helps you demonstrate to a potential customer the projected site traffic from a keyword based on improving its rank position on Google.

This report has been moved to the Add-ons tab > Legacy section and will be deprecated at some point in the future. We recommend that you take advantage of the blended metrics options in our Insight Graph by selecting Rank and Analytics traffic metrics and/or utilize any of our Analytics reports and graphs located in the Reports  > Analytics section.
Target Rank Projected Traffic

Report Options

Select Dates


  • Select From & To Dates
Enter report title

General Settings:

  • Enter Custom Report Title (optional)
Select Keywords


  • Select the keywords you want included in the report.
  • Click the Show button.
Show or Hide Total Visits and Global Traffic

Google Analytics Visits:

  • Show or Hide Total Visits
  • Show or Hide Global Traffic
Set Target Rank

Target Rank:

  • Enter the Target Rank goal
  • Click the Apply Changes button.

Please refer to the Report Toolbar and Track tab sections of Navigating Rank Ranger for additional information regarding report views, data export, adding this report to an existing White Label PDF report and more.

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