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Top Paid Competitors

The Top Paid Competitors report provides insight into your top competitors ad ranking, exposing which keywords they are focusing their advertising budget on.

Launch the Discovery screen to view keyword, search volume, average cost-per-click and ad position in the search engine results.

Top Organic Competitors report


Top Paid Competitors Report

Top Organic Competitor Report

Top 10 Paid Competitors Graph

View the top 10 sites competing for your keywords with paid AdWords that are displaying in Google's top ad positions. Hover over a bar to view your competitor's Total Average Cost Per Click and the Total Keyword Search Volume.

Top 10 Paid Ads Competitors graph

Top Paid Competitor Advertising Comparison

The comparison table details the Total Search Volume and Total Average CPC, along with the number of Top 20 Keywords of sites successfully competing for the best AdWords positions in the SERPs.

Paid Competitors Ranking in Top 20

This report provides:
  • Total (overlapping Top 20) Keywords
    Number of Campaign Keywords for which the competitor ranked in the top 20 organic search engine results.
  • Total Search Volume
    The total amount of the broad number of Google global searches in a month for the specified, overlapping keywords.
  • Total Average Cost Per Click
    The total of the average cost-per-click of all campaign keywords displaying in the top AdWords positions for this competitor.

Top Paid Competitor Discovery

Click the Discovery icon to reveal ad keywords, along with search volume, average cost-per-click and ad position.
Top Ranking Competitor Ads

Competitor Ads for Your Keywords

Hover over a keyword in the Competitor Ad Keywords screen and the actual AdWords ad displays, providing you with your competitor’s advertising copy in addition to the target landing page URL on their site.
Competitor Ad for your keyword

Report Options

Select Keywords


  • Select All or individual keywords
Filter data with Keyword Tags

Keyword Tags:

  • Select keyword tags to filter the report data. 
Keyword tags can be added to individual keywords or in bulk in the Campaign Settings > Keywords screen.
Select a Google Search Engine

Search Engines:

  • Select a Google Global, Google Country-specific or Google Mobile search engine

keyword metrics

Keyword Metrics:

  • Set a Search Volume filter (optional)
Click the Apply Changes button.


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