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Visibility Graph

View your website's visibility on search engines and visually compare it to your competitors in this colorful graph that also provides options for display of Google Algorithm Changes, Events, and Notes. Visibility is based on the position of ranking keywords and average search volume.

The Visibility Score takes into account all tracked keywords for a campaign, but can be adjusted to exclude certain keywords or search engines, however, the default settings will show the average of all keywords across all search engines being tracked in the campaign.

Visibility Score is calculated per keyword for keywords that are ranking in the top 30 search engine results for each search engine tracked in the campaign.

Keywords can score up to 500 in our system, but we only calculate Visibility Score for keywords in Top 30, meaning that if a keyword is ranked in position 31 or 499 it will be assigned a Visibility Score of 0. This is based on research of average user behavior indicating that approximately 75% of users never scroll beyond the 1st page of search results.  Therefore, Visibility value for a keyword is based on the rank position, i.e., a keyword that ranks #1 will have a higher value than a keyword that is ranked #4.

The total of the campaign keywords' visibility scores (including those that score 0) results in the campaign's daily Visibility Score.  The higher the daily score, the better the site's visibility.  The idea is to improve from the baseline Visibility Score over time with the goal of improving click-thru and site traffic.


Visibility Graph

This is an example of the visibility score as displayed in the graph of our Track > Dashboard. 
Visibility Score in the Track Dashboard

The Rank is specific to the selected keyword and search engine. The Visibility Score takes into account all tracked keywords for a particular campaign for the selected search engine and, therefore, differs from the Rank as it is not specific to a keyword, but rather an average score of visibility for the website.

Visibility Score added to a ranking graph improves the ability to see how the entire campaign is performing in comparison to fluctuations for a specific keyword.

Report Options

Select a custom Date Range



  • Report Dates from the Report Options calendar tool; or
  • a Custom Date Range in the top right toolbar
Enter custom title and select algorithm change visibility

General Settings:

  • Enter a custom report title, if desired.
  • Show or Hide the Rank Risk Index Algorithm Change.
filter by keyword tags

Keyword Tags:

  • Select the Keyword Tags you want to be reflected in the graph.
Select the Domains


  • Select the Domains / URLs that you want to be reflected in the graph.
select search engines

Search Engines

  • Select the Search Engine data you want to be reflected in the graph.
add event or note

Events & Notes:

  • Show or Hide Notes and/or Events
  • Add an new Event or Note
  • Click the Apply Changes button.


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