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White Label Custom Domain

You can use your own custom domain instead of our domain for your white label web dashboards and client dashboards.

The price for this special service is an additional $50 per month and is an add-on to your other Rank Ranger package(s) - it does not come with additional keywords, campaigns, etc.

HTTPS for Custom Domain has not been included in our service due to the cost vs. potential risk of an unauthorized person accessing a dashboard.  Client Dashboards and Web Marketing Dashboards only display data that is meaningful to the viewer who has been granted access - they do not provide access to personal data or allow for campaign or account setting changes.

SSL certificates can only be installed on the server that the dashboards are hosted on.  CName redirects can be set as https, but that means that each custom domain needs to have it's own SSL certificate on our servers.

The costs associated with a dedicated IP address and SSL certificate from a reputable company with strong security history, coupled with installation, server maintenance, and annual renewal fees for each custom domain, was evaluated and determined to be cost-prohibitive in relation to our pricing for custom domain and dashboards for the majority of our customers.  If this is important to your company, then please contact customer service for information about a custom solution that may be available for an annual fee.

White Label Dashboard Custom Domain

Purchase Custom Domain

Add Custom Domain Package to your account

Follow the instructions on How to Add a Package and select the Custom Domain package.

Add Custom Domain package

Configure CNAME Record

Configure CNAME records for a domain
1. Sign in to the web hosting administrative console/cPanel for your domain.

2. Locate the screen on which you can update the domain hosting DNS records.  The page might be labeled as DNS Zone Management, Name Server Management, Advanced DNS Zone Editor, or Advanced Settings.

3. Locate the CNAME records for your domain. You may have one or more CNAME records resembling:

Configure CNAME record for Domain

4. Create a new CNAME record to forward your domain or subdomain to Rank Ranger’s white label URL. In the:
  • Name/Host/Alias field enter the desired subdomain (e.g., if you enter "seo" in this field this CNAME record will allow to be used for your Rank Ranger white label reports.)
  • TTL* field enter 3600
  • Record Type field enter or select CNAME
  • Record/Value/Address/Destination field enter

    *Optionally, reduce the Time to Live (TTL) to 300 seconds for every CNAME record. This tells name servers across the internet to check every 300 seconds (or five minutes) whether you updated these DNS records. This allows you to apply changes to your DNS records much more quickly. Also, if necessary, you can revert any DNS record change errors a lot quicker when you’ve set a low TTL.

    Any DNS record change will apply only after the initial TTL of that record expires. For example, a value of 86400 seconds = 1440 minutes = 24 hours before any update will be applied. This also means that you need to wait 24 hours after the TTL of a DNS record is updated once you change it to 300 from 86400.
5. Save your changes and wait until they take effect.  Be aware it may take up to 72 hours before changes are propagated, depending on the TTL that was configured for your CNAME records.

6. Log into Rank Ranger, mouse over the person icon to access your Account Settings and select Custom Domain. Enter your domain URL in the Custom Domain field (e.g.,, select a Package and click the Save button.

Custom Domain URL entry

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