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Custom Views

Custom Views allows you to aggregate data from multiple campaigns and trend the results in an Insight Graph.

This tool makes it easy to build and manage smaller campaigns for specific keyword groups and then combine data in graphs for reporting. For example, instead of building a campaign with 1000 keywords and 5 tag groups each with a number of individual tags used for filtering multiple copies of the same report, you could build 5 campaigns with tag targeted keywords each based on one of the tag groups. Then create a custom view containing data from all 5 campaigns and trend the combined data in the Insight Graph.

Available Metrics: Rank Position Stats, and Visibility Score.

custom views

Video: How to Create Custom Views


Step-by-Step: Create Custom Views

Tools > Custom View
  • Click the Add Custom View button to create a new view

Custom Views Manager

Custom View Details
  • Add a Custom View Name and click the Save button
  • Click the Add Data Group button

Add Custom View Details

Add Data Group
  • Select a Campaign
  • Select the Keyword(s) you want included in the Data Group, options include:
    • All Keywords
    • Individual Keywords
    • Keywords associated with a Tag
  • Select the Search Engine(s) you want included in the Data Group
Add Data Group

Multiple Data Groups
  • Continue adding Data Groups and then click the Save button
Save Data Groups

After creating a data group, you can edit it by clicking the pencil icon or delete it by clicking the X icon. When finished, click the Save button.

Edit, Copy or Delete Custom Views


You can easily copy an existing custom view by clicking the Copy icon (displayed in the image below), Edit by clicking the pencil icon, or Delete by clicking the trash icon. 

Add, Edit, Copy or Delete Custom Views

Create Custom Views Insight Graph

Three categories of metrics are available in the Insight Graph:
  • Campaign Metric: this allows data only from the campaign it is being created in
  • Cross Campaign Metric (Enterprise only feature): this allows data from any account campaign
  • Custom View Metric: this allows data from multiple campaigns to be aggregated (learn more...)             
Insight Graph metric types

Add Custom View Metric
After creating custom views with data groups in Tools > Custom Views, you can click the Custom View button in the Insight Graph and select from the list of views that have been created in your account.
  • Select a Custom View and click the Add button

add custom view to insight graph

Add a Metric, you can choose from Rank:
  • Keyword Position Stats
  • Visibility Score            
add metrics

Insight Graph Example: Rank Distribution & Visibility for Multiple Campaigns
This graph was created by adding the following Custom View metrics:
  • Visibility Score with Area chart type
  • 6 Rank Position Stats metrics for different rank positions with Column chart type           
custom view insight graph

Change to Stacked Columns View
After adding all the metrics, if you've adding Column chart type you can change the Graph Settings to display as Stacked Columns and click the Apply Changes button.

stacked columns

Insight Graph Example: Customs Views with Stacked Columns
Results after building a column graph and enabling Stacked Columns in Report Options > Graph Settings

To add this graph to a Marketing Dashboard or PDF Report, hover over the gear icon in the upper right and select the option and follow the on-screen instructions.
Custom View Stacked Columns

Edit Custom View
After saving a custom view metric, you can change the view:
1. Click the metric's gear / settings icon
2. Select a different Custom View
3. Click the Save button 

change custom view

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