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The Notes feature allows you to enter descriptions and details about steps you've taken on a specific date or date range to improve SEO, events that might affect SEO, or anything you'd like to help jog your memory or highlight your efforts for your team members or clients to see. It's simple to use, only a few clicks and your reports and graphs can be enhanced with data you've entered.

What's the difference between note types?
  • Notes (Single Date) displays text for a single date on a graph hover or in reports that support this feature
  • Notes (Date Range) displays text across a date range on a graph or in reports that support this feature

Events & Notes dashboard

Add a Note

Open Events & Notes

Open Tools > Notes:

  • Click the Tools tab
  • Select Notes.
  • Click the +Add button in the upper right section of the Notes screen.
Add Note

Add a Note:

  • Select Type: Single Date or Date Range
  • Select the Campaign it refers to or All Campaigns.
  • If the item applies to a specific keyword, then check the Keyword box and select the keyword from the list.
  • Select a Color you'd like displayed in your reports & graphs for this Note.
  • Choose a date or date range from the calendar. 
  • Enter your Description.
  • Click the Save button.


Edit or Delete a Note

Open the Tools > Notes screen

Click the Edit or Delete button corresponding to the Note.

Edit or Delete a Note

View Notes in Reports and Graphs

View Notes in Report

In the Report Options > Notes, slide the selector to the right to show the type of Notes you want displayed in the report or graph (it will display as blue), and click the report options Apply Changes button at the bottom of the sidebar. 

In the report, hover over the colored bar to view the Note content.

View Events and Notes

View Notes in Graph

Enable the display of Notes in the graph options (sidebar), and hover over the colored bar area of the graph to see the Note description.

View Notes in Graph

Review or Edit a Note in a Report or Graph
Click colored bar in a report or colored area in a graph to open the Note, edit and save.

Edit Notes or Events in Report

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